3 Little-Known Vehicle Defense Weapons

Make Sure You Have At Least ONE Of These Weapons In Your Vehicle (At ALL Times!)

For most of us, there isn’t a day that goes by where we’re not behind the wheel or in the passenger seat of a vehicle.

All wrapped up in our “steel cocoons”, one would assume that it’s a virtual safe-zone to get from Point A to Point B, right?

Not necessarily…

According to the Department Of Justice, the last several years have seen a spike in the number of assaults in and around vehicles.

Whether it’s a criminal carjacking… “road rage” attack… or the out-of-control hot-head whose parking space you mistakenly grabbed at the grocery store, it’s a scary reality for today’s “sheepdog” protector that you MUST be prepared to defend yourself from threats like these.

Obviously, if you can drive away from the problem, that’s your best bet, right?

But if you’re boxed in by other vehicles, surrounded by other people, or simply can’t smash the gas pedal into the middle of a busy intersection without causing a 50-car burning inferno, you may be forced to fight back.

Other than keeping your windows closed, your doors locked, and (legally) carrying a firearm…

Here Are 3 Unique “Vehicle-Defense Weapons” You Should Keep In Your Car Or Truck – That AREN’T A Gun…

Vehicle Defense Weapons

Now don’t get me wrong…

Of course I’m a big supporter of responsibly arming yourself with a firearm and a knife to protect yourself in public.

But let’s face it… not everyone “carries”, and not every attack requires a lethal response.

Here are some unique alternatives that work extremely well for personal- and vehicle-defense…

High-Powered “Spotlight”

This was a trick I learned while living in a rural area of New Mexico that was heavily-populated with competing gangs… and virtually NO police response!

In fact, I’ve literally had stand-offs with as many as 5 vicious gang-members outside of my home when they’ve tried to “tag” my property with their gang signs – or party outside my home in the middle of the night.

Yes, I was armed when I went out to ask them to (not so politely) “move on”but I never had to even draw my weapon.

Tactical Flashlight For Self Defense

All I needed to do was flash my LED tactical flashlight into their eyes and believe me, it took the fight right out of them.


Because they couldn’t see that my other hand was on my weapon… but they knew that someone this “prepared” could spell D.A.N.G.E.R. (even D.E.A.T.H.), and they backed off.

So, if you see someone approaching your vehicle, don’t be afraid to grab a high-power tactical light and stop them right in their tracks with a spotlight straight to their eyes… and yell at them to “STOP RIGHT THERE!”.

At the very least, it’s going to shock the hell out of them and – with your forceful command – force them to think hard about their next step.

Bubba’s “Thug Thumper”

Another “weapon” I’ve kept in my vehicle is some type of baton or club to use as an impact weapon.

Now, I regularly carried an expandable baton for my security and bodyguard details, but for vehicle defense, I found that there just wasn’t enough room inside my truck to flick it open to use it as a weapon.

Tire ThumperI needed an alternative and that’s when a “trucker” friend of mine, Bubba (yup!), told me about the “tire thumper”.

This kinda looks like a sawed-off baseball bat and is commonly used to check tire pressure.

But it’s just as commonly known among long-haul truckers as a powerful weapon to have on hand as they’re walking around their rigs in the dark of night at a truck stop.

(Oddly, they even make “holsters” for these things!)

For you, you can “jab” an attacker’s face if he was trying to reach inside your window – or pop someone on the shin or side of their leg to send them to the ground, writhing in pain.

The “Shocker”

By far, one of my favorite weapons to carry in my vehicle has always been a “stun gun shocker”…

If you’ve ever been shocked by an outlet (or forgot to unplug the toaster as you tried to fish out that damned corner of bread that broke off), then you already know what an electrical shock feels like.

Sucks, right?

But at only 110 or 120 volts, it’s really not that damaging.

Currents greater than 500 volts are considered “high-voltage” and are more likely to cause electrical burns, internal injuries, and even cardiac arrest.

Now – for a stun gun – multiply that by 20 TIMES!

A 10,000 volt hand-held “stun gun” will make even the biggest, baddest thug poop his pants and back off with a yelp.

Where To Position Your “Vehicle Defense” Weapons For Fast, Easy Access…

Now I used to carry all of these in my vehicle at once and had them stashed in different locations I could easily reach depending on the situation.

For example…

… my high-power flashlight was usually inside my driver-side door compartment so I could reach down with my left hand to grab it quickly…

… my “thug thumper” was kept on the floor, in between the right side of my seat and my center console so I could reach down to grab it if someone was trying to get through my window…

… and I wedged my “stun gun” into one of those weird cubby holes in my center console area

Ok, I recognize this may be over-kill for a lot of people… but watching the images of the BLM riots and seeing innocent drivers being stopped at protester-made “check-points” made me realize that any ONE of these weapons could come in handy if my family and I were ever stopped and surrounded by a mob – or even a grabby panhandler or carjacker.

It’s good to have options to be able to use all three of the weapons, depending on the situation.

Eventually, I switched over to a 10,000 volt, “shockwave torch” baton with a built-in LED spotlight in it.

Shockwave TorchThis allowed me to cover all my bases in a single “3-in-1 weapon” I could use for any confrontation.

I still had the light to shine in an aggressor’s eyes in order to blind them and get them to think twice…

… but since the shockwave torch baton would already be in my hand, it gave me much further distance to “zap” them with if needed, and the added feature of a “spikey” tip that magnified the impact if I needed to use it as an impact weapon.

Shockwave Torch
My Shockwave Torch At-The-Ready!

Positioning it was easy too…

Instead of having weapons littered all over my truck, I just keep it at-the-ready, right next to my driver side door where it’s super handy…

… BUT no one can see that I’m “armed” from either side of the vehicle if they’re looking in.

However you load out your rig… it’s always good to have options and think about ways that you can have these powerful “back up weapons” readily available to defend yourself when needed.

Do You Keep Any Of These In Your Car Or Truck For Personal Defense? What Else Do You Keep In Your Vehicle To Fend Off Bad Guys?

    • Gene Devins says:

      where do you get it?

      • Costco has a two pack with elastic holster. Have one and have seen them twice since. Several of my family members have them also. May need to check local laws as far as using it on 2 legged bears?

      • rottenrollin says:

        And PLENTY of sites online.

  • I really like this tool but Illinois doesn’t allow shock stunner.

    • rottenrollin says:


      M O V E

    • Illinois. One county is home of the STUPID and rules the rest of state.

      • RebellioUS says:

        Crook County, ruling seat of the State of Illinoyed

    • high candle power light and a fire extinguisher? no one will question either in your vehicle.

  • Thank you for the flashlight idea, I carry one with me but didn’t occur to me that I could blind someone during daylight hours. As a deterrent I keep a small cup of dirt or sand in the console to fling into someone’s face if needed. Hope I never have to use it. I’m gonna cut me a tire thumper from one of the maple limbs that I just pruned.

    • Not that expensive to purchase, the actual tool, at the local truck stop. Baseball bats and ax handles are old school and are a known to LE. Also a little long for in vehicle use.

      • bearer of bad tidings…they know about the ‘tire thumper’ also. you better be driving a tractor or at least have a cdl. and if it is one of the ‘lead slung’ ones…

    • rottenrollin says:

      Interesting idea with the cup of sand.

      I might try that with something like fertilizer, to crap up the eyes.

      • articulation is the key in defense. can you explain why you just happened to have a cup of sand in your vehicle? and how do you keep it from spilling during the 99.9999% of the time you don’t need it, but still have it handy?

        • You could keep it in the cup holder with a few crushed cigarette butts and explain by saying you have no ash trays except for your cup of sand.

      • Sand, kitty litter, or road salt in your car as a cold-weather traction aid is a no-brainer…

      • "Justin Case" says:

        I’d be careful about adding any chemicals. That could be considered “excessive” to a prosecutor. Something as simple as salt could be permanently disfiguring.
        If you’re serious about adding anything, please consider something like cayenne &/or black pepper to your sand/dirt for additional effects. That’s both effective & temporary, and might not be considered as “extraordinary”.
        We don’t want our “assailant” to be able to claim any “victim status” and leave us civilly liable.

  • I have been the happy recipient of a handmade wooden baton with a nice slug of lead sunk into the middle of the hitting end. The electric baton isn’t a bad idea as long as you don’t suffer from an EMP, or similar issue.

    • rottenrollin says:

      You just reminded me of Charles Bronson in the first Death Wish…….. putting $20 of quarters into a good sock……… just gotta have room to wind it up and deliver it. Probably more of an out of the car than in the car weapon.

      • Bar of soap cheaper, just as effective

        • Wilson Pennington says:

          As seen in ‘Full Metal Jacket’

  • I keep a Shockwave and have for a few years now

  • I am concerned with the lumen rating of the “high-power tactical light” of only 110 lumens. My other flashlights have ratings of several hundred lumens, up to around 1,000. Is this really bright enough to take “the fight right out of them”?

  • Pepper spray, and a small Fire extinguisher,

  • “On the Cheap”
    Walking Stick or Fighting Staff:
    Home Depot carries Wood Dowell Rods. Usually in 10-20ft sections.
    I cut the 1 1/4″ Dia size into 5ft sections, then cut one end to a point.
    Use as walking stick/staff – or Weapon.
    Fighting “Stick”:
    Also 1/2 in dia size – cut them in 16in sections – For Fighting Sticks.

    • 10-20 ft sections? Riiight….

  • A good size open end, box end wrench. Also pepperspray.

    • Just check pepper spray laws; my daughter carried it at college although violated county (liberal) laws.

  • rottenrollin says:

    My F150 console has a little “shelf” on the driver’s side…….my soft holstered 380 ACP fits in there perfectly and securely. It’s black, the console area is black, it’s virtually impossible to see through the window.

    My door cubby has a heavy duty flashlight with strobe.

    My console has a nice pig-sticker inside.

    And I still feel inadequate.

    If only I could mount my AR15 to the ceiling above!

  • Yes 110 Lumens is way too low. The NRA sent me FREE two LED flashlights that fit in a t-shirt pocket and are brighter than 110 L and include a strobe mode. You need to have a strobe mode – bright flashing disorients anyone.

  • I used to keep flashlights (LED, but not high powered) in all vehicles. As I changed vehicles, I removed these items and did not replace them/

    • I would suggest that it is time to put new, brighter ones in your vehicles. I keep a small LED flashlight (takes 2 AAA batteries) in my pants pocket. I use it nearly every day for multiple reasons. I have carried a small flashlight for the past 15 years or more. It is just part of my EDC, along with my pocket knife, my 9mm, at least 1 extra mag, loaded, and my sunglasses.

  • These days, any woke idealists are excused for blocking traffic, cordoning off parts of a city, harassing people eating outdoors, vandalism and even for being violent. My feeling is, that if it’s a chaotic situation you need to react and you have to be ready at all times, which I believe is part of your message here Jeff.

    It’s important to note not only what is legal or illegal to carry, but also the attitude or views of local law enforcement when deciding what we’re going to rely on and use to defend ourselves.

    If your weapons are “improvised” it does make you appear less “ready and prepared” to some liberal lawyer or judge that adores ANTIFA types or socialists, communists, Marxists, and those who pose as social crusaders, but are really just militant woke puppets that they allow to bother people because they help push their agendas.

    I remember very well how people working for BLM purposely and willingly tried to impede traffic and even stop people by beating on their cars hoping they’d stop and exit their vehicle, so the crowd could attack them. And Nancy Pelosi herself excused their behavior.

    I’m not trying to be overly political, but we have to deal with these politically sanctioned thugs and they feel empowered and confident that they can commit all these crimes and the assaults and don’t hesitate to beat up innocent people.

    Personally, I believe your car or truck is like your home and if anyone breaches it, then you should be able to defend yourself with all the weapons of defensive tools you want.

    • Time for the police department to start using their K-9 force….no punk wants a dog with a 300 psi bite force chewing on their legs…..time to start treating these idiots the way they treat others….if they stab or shoot the dog ,who is an officer, it is time to use deadly force.

  • I saw crowds impeding traffic during BLM and decided to purchase a short shovel from Cold Steel and I wrapped the handle with tape you would use for a tennis racket to have a secure grip. The edges of the shovel are very very sharp and will do extreme damage. I keep it on the passenger door. No one will ever expect the damage this weapon can inflict. Just pop the shovel cover and make it happen! I also carry a key chain that is weighted with a long string which can be used as a Nunchuck. I bought on Etsy.

  • Michael Reeves says:

    I carry a form of all 3 plusses a can of Copenhagen fine cut because of the crushed glass in it that allows for scratches on the inside of the lip so nicotine can enter blood stream makes a excellent mace for disabling vision of one or more attackers plus I carry a large dose of situational awareness and patience. I know calling 911 is the call to make after the call to 9mm.

    • RebellioUS says:

      I’ve read to call 911 on cell and leave on speaker phone?

  • Wasp spray…I keep a can in the door of all my vehicles. Shoots far and accurate.

    • Charles Lawson says:

      Wasp spray is illegal to use some places. Bear spray cost more but may generate less legal trouble if you have to use it.

      • so is bear spray. what’s your point? if you are in fact defending your life then who the f cares?

  • I suggest you have to think crowd control. During the riots you saw the use of fireworks. SWAT uses them as a distractor. A good mortar round or two could jolt a distraction of a crowd or the use of a smoke bomb could buy you precious seconds to escape or prevent having to escalate. Bear Spray may cause you loss of sight or oxygen as well as the target(s) which is not ideal if you don’t take consideration of the wind. Having tools or weapons nearby is I would suggest for encounters with lone individuals but probably going to cause escalation within a crowd where a lone person is outnumbered and perps always feel mighty.

  • linda c albarran says:

    Excellent choices

  • First things first. Tim Larkin, Target Focus Training reminds me that the best tool is between your ears and is always at the ready if you have trained properly. All these other tools are good IF you have them and can get to them. I have flashlights, shockers, bats, tactical pens and guns but usually I do not have them at the ready.

  • William Romans says:

    Good information. I have a shocking flashlight, and a Concealed Carry handgun.

  • Tom Peterson says:

    O.C. (Pepper Spray) is also a good idea. I recommend some training before one carries and depends on this product. I am a police O.C. instructor and there are many variables in the effective use of O.C.

  • I have a “tire thumper” that we used in our motorhome to actually check our tires! Now, it is in my vehicle where I can easily get to it if needed.

  • i use a shorter combo called the shock wave. rechargeable, light and stun. anything outside my vehicle belongs to them…anything inside belongs to me. just sayin’

  • I am 68 and have arthritis in my feet often walk with my cane. Fiber reinforced plastic non-metal. I have experience striking critical points on BOB.
    I also carry my garden shovel, sharpened on three sides a copy of the Russian entrenching tool.
    There is also my vehicle jack handle, ½” drive rachet about 18″ long. Not leaving them in truck bed to dissappear.

  • Search YouTube for climate protesters at Black Rock reservation. The ending is fantastic.

  • kalihi scorpion says:

    anything can work if your mind is always ready for any potential dangerous situation. 1st plan your safest route to your destination. stay off deserted back roads if possible.learn how to drive properly. use all the options in your vehicle like side mirrors,etc. pay attention to the traffic flow. show respect to other drivers! if confronted by a punk(s) know that they pretty much tend to pick on people whom they feel they can get their way with. talk nicely and bear pepper spray their face and drive away. call the police and give them info on the location of the incident. never leave your doors unlocked unless you really believe you can handle multiple attackers. road rage usually happens when there are two or more attackers. you take out one and usually the others back down. i personally hammer a second one if that’s the case to make sure they keep their punk asses in check. i carry a half inch 16 inch long galvanized pipe filled with a little lead on the attack end. i’ve been in my share of these encounters and by experience can handle most situations. always drive away from conflict if possible. no class can teach you what actual experience can. obey the law but if you have to defend, defend to kill, not just calm the situation and don’t worry about the legal ramifications. safe driving must be learned! good luck!

  • Just as a Tire Thumper has a ‘non-weapon’ use to more easily justify its presence, so does “The Club” (steering wheel locking device.) Most steering wheel locking bars can also be used as a poker/thumper to deter unwanted aggression.

  • Diana Hobgood says:

    Well, Jeff, I bought a “Shock Wave Torch” on your advice a few months ago. Thankfully I have not had to use it, but it is by my side when I am driving. I live in the Portland, OR area where crime and road rage have escalated big time in the past 3-4 years. Thanks so much for making me aware of this multi-use personal defense tool.

  • links to shockwave torch are dead, please send me correct link so I can purchase

  • Ron Franklin says:

    A can of Raid wasp and hornet killer, shoots up to 30 feet away and can take out a crowd of attackers all at once.

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