The Best Self Defense Weapon For Women And Children

The Best Self-Defense Weapon For Women And Children (Not What You Think)

When I talk about “self-defense” against larger attackers, I often get the response…

“But what if I’m a woman?”

Or, for guys, it’s “But how will my wife or kids protect themselves from someone stronger than them?”

Look, I’m not one of those guys who will try to convince you that a 7 y.o. girl is going to cripple a 200 lb perv trying to throw her into his van.

Or that your smaller wife will be able to leave the 3 guys trying to assault her in a parking lot in a crumpled mess at her feet.

They should certainly fight like hell – and there are techniques that help – but you know that it’s just not always realistic under extreme violent scenarios, so…

Here’s The Best Self-Defense Weapon Every Woman & Child Should Carry Every Day…

Best Self Defense Weapon For Women And Kids

Look, the key to surviving an assault… an abduction… rape… or any other crime comes down to forcing the one thing their attacker fears the most…

… being seen!

But that doesn’t mean yelling “Help, Help!” because unfortunately, most people no longer want to get “involved” (which sickens me) and look the other way.

Yelling “Fire! Fire!” is a better method because people DO love to see a fire and that could scare off an attacker.

However, that’s assuming your loved one can yell loud enough for others to hear and in a parking garage or in remote areas, their screams may be muffled or drowned out by other sounds.

That’s why I feel every man, woman, and child should carry a whistle with them every single day.

Now I’m NOT talking about one of those rinky-dink “coach’s whistles” we saw in school.

Nowadays you can get a “survival whistle” that’s so freakin’ loud, you could hear it even above the music at a loud rock concert.

Not only will that make any thug crap his pants in shock that something that loud came out of even a smaller woman or child…

… but they’ll quickly realize that anyone within a mile is going to come running to see what the noise is.

That will instantly stop their attack and send them scurrying like the cockroaches they are to avoid being seen and identified.

And don’t worry about wondering where to get one of these personal defense gizmos because you can actually get one of these “scream whistles” for FREE right here…

This may seem “old school” to you, but it’s absolutely effective and even police will tell you that it’s one of the easiest and best “self defense weapons” to help your family members protect themselves when you’re not there.

Plus, the “scream whistle” is so small, it can be attached to a set of keys… slipped into a pocket… or tied to a kid’s backpack for instant access when needed.

Bottom line is that every family member you love (including yourself) should have one of these to protect themselves.

What Other Tips Do You Have On The Best Self Defense Weapons For Women And Children?

Please Share Your Ideas Below Now…

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