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(Video) Woman Schools Drunk Boyfriend On The Best Self-Defense Weapon For An Ambush Attack

Ok, this is absolutely priceless…

I saw this video and not only did I laugh me arse off, but there’s a critical life-saving lesson in here..

And I’ll give you a hint… it’s NOT coming from the so-called “self-defense expert” trying to teach everyone in the room on how to defend yourself against a surprise ambush attack.

In fact, before you get my personal analysis, YOU be the judge as you watch how this…

Woman Schools Drunk Boyfriend On The Best Self-Defense Weapon For An Ambush Attack

Actually, anyone with any sort of “street sense” can spot the flaws in this guy’s argument that he holds the best weapon for defending against an attacker (man or woman).

In fact, his girlfriend tries several times to get him to see the error in his ways… but his macho ego won’t allow him to realize that she’s waaaaaaay more streetsmart than he is.

Here’s a quick synopsis of her main points:

  • An attack is going to come without warning.  Even the scenario these guys played out was all based on a close-quarters ambush.  Criminals aren’t stupid… they don’t like to take chances and won’t give you time to get to a weapon.  They like the element of surprise to catch you off guard so you can’t fight back.
  • Don’t make your “primary weapon” be too complicated.  This girl tries to explain that being able to pull out a folding knife and do your fancy-shmancy ninja-flip opening trick isn’t very practical.  This is why I never count on a folding knife as a primary weapon – it’s too complicated to manipulate (no matter how much you practice) and use as your initial counterattack weapon.
  • The best self defense weapon is the one you have ready to go!  She drives this home over and over again… on deaf (drunken) ears.  Even when surprised, she demonstrates how your natural defensive reflexes can jam this “ice scraper” into your attacker’s face and do serious damage.  No need to try to get to your knife (or gun) under your clothes… no wasted time trying to open it up (when your adrenaline is through the roof)… no fancy ninja skills needed at all.  Just push your hand forward at your attacker’s face.  Done!

Now don’t make the mistake of thinking that the ice scraper this woman uses in the video is “just for women (although they’re perfect if you have a female partner who needs something simple and effective for self defense).

This video was one of the reasons I bought one of these self-defense “weapons” for me, my wife, and my son.

Sure, I have my Glock and my knives on me… but guess what I have my keys attached to – and in my hand in the parking lot…

Yup… a freakin’ “ice scraper”… and I can use it in a split second to crack open a thug’s coconut, allowing me to get to the smoke-wagon on my right hip to finish the job if I need to.

What Other Everyday Carry Defense Tools Do You Carry?

Please Share Your Tips On The Best Self-Defense Weapons Below Now…

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