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Toolsday Review: Ed Calderon’s “Motel Armorer” Improvised Weapons Online Course

So you and “the fam” are finally ditching the facemasks and going off on that remote vacation you’re long overdue for…

Being the “aware” sheepdog that you are, you realize that the wolves of our society prowl in all locations… and tourists are “sheep” ready for hunting.

Unfortunately, between TSA and those pesky “local laws”, your normal everyday carry weapons aren’t an option.

You spot a local convenience store and duck in to take a quick peek at your defense options in the “travel necessities” aisle…

QUICK! How Many “Improvised Weapons” Could You Make Out Of This Store’s Utility Rack?

Ed Calderon Improvised Weapons Course
Ed Calderon Improvised Weapons Course


This summer I attended Ed Calderon’s “Motel Armorer” online course.

Originally only offered to law enforcement, this virtual course deconstructs the criminal’s mindset and methodologies for arming themselves in areas where weapons aren’t “allowed”.

Ed Calderon Knows “Improvised Weapons” For Non-Permissive Environments Very Well…

From growing up surrounded by violence and crime on the streets of Tijuana to dealing with international drug cartels, kidnappings, and other “bad guy shit”, Ed’s learned – and mastered – the art of survival where it really means “survival” in the truest sense of the word.

For over 3 hours in a private Zoom call, Ed proceeded to teach us how the criminal underworld laughs at the “no weapons allowed” signs at airports, government buildings, and even in countries with restrictive weapon laws.

Where others see plumbing pipes and tow cables… Ed sees “nunchucks“.

Where others see a cheap pen, a carpet, and a nail file… Ed sees a 30-second “shiv” that will stick in a kidnapper’s neck – and STAY in – continuously spouting blood until he’s drained empty.

Where others see a cheap Food Network paring knife… Ed sees a “covert killer” that’s bested even the most expensive combat folders and name brand blades on the market.

I’ve taken a lot of improvised weapons classes in the past so I’m no stranger to creatively making sure that any time I board a plane, I’m “armed” with at least 3 or 4 options that would drop a hijacker in an instant.

But my hands were all cramped up worse than when I was 14 playing with my old Atari joystick from taking feverish notes.

For example, in the image above, Ed shared how he’s taken a Sharpie marketer… removed the felt ink interior…and super-glued a nail inside in its place.

The resulting “Sharp-y” looks just like the original marker at first glance… but acts as a brutal stabbing weapon with the flip of the cap.

Not too shabby, eh? 🙂

If you truly want to learn how to NEVER be “unarmed” (EVER!) no matter where you are, I don’t think there’s a better class around than Ed Calderon’s “Motel Armorer” course.

It’s a bit pricey.

But I tend to value my life – and the lives of my family who I protect – much more than the cost of an Amazon booklet written by an armchair survivalist.

“Motel Armorer” gets a full 5 TACOS in my rating scale!

Ok, Seriously… How Many Improvised Weapons COULD You Make Out Of The Image Above?
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