MCS 247 - Everyday Carry (EDC) Weapons When Traveling

MCS 247 – Everyday Carry (EDC) Weapons When Traveling

Do you ever do any traveling?

If so, you could have a big bulls-eye on your back for criminals who spot you’re “not from here” and possibly an easy victim.

That’s why I always like to be as “armed” as possible, don’t you agree?

Well, if you’re traveling – especially out of the country – chances are good you’re going to have to do it without your normal “everyday carry,” or EDC weapons.

If you regularly carry a concealed handgun, this is going to hurt that much more.

In this week’s podcast episode, I’ll share with you five different force-multiplying weapons that you CAN carry when traveling.

COVERT WEAPONS For Places You “Can’t” Have Weapons

Overseas EDC Weapons
5 Covert Weapons For Traveling In Foreign Countries!

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • The one critical “weapon” I carry on the left side of my belt, to prevent an attack… as well as fight back!
  • The one weapon shared by both spec-ops soldiers and CEO’s in the boardroom that packs an instant striking advantage against any attacker!
  • The “knife” that isn’t actually a knife (except that it is) that you could carry to defend your life!
  • A weapon you can buy in literally ANY hardware store that you can take onto an airplane.
  • An ancient “ninja trick” that you can use with an item you buy for a couple of bucks. . .at most gas station convenience stores!

It’s a fact that tourists and travelers often have a great big BULL’S-EYE painted on their backs abroad.

The legal, travel-friendly covert weapons we describe in this podcast might just save your life you if you’re attacked while you’re out of the country.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Covert EDC Weapons Do YOU Carry When You Travel To Non-Permissive Environments?

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