Weird Improvised Weapons Self-Defense Trick For Real Attacks

This One “Dirty Trick” Completely Changed How I Think About Targeting The Human Body In A Real Attack…

This self-defense trick was a complete “game-changer” for me…

I mean, probably like you, I’d always thought that aiming for the eyes, nose, throat and groin were “primary targets” to strike when forced to fight to defend yourself, right?

Well, these are certainly good targets… but when the guy I’m defending against is twice your size and ready to rip your head off, you can’t always count on your hand-to-hand skills being able to bring him to his knees – even with a solid kick to the nut sack!

In fact, I’m not looking to test my fancy martial arts skills anyway, which is why I carry a gun as part of my “everyday carry” load-out in case my family and I are ambushed in an attack.

And let me be very clear here – even if you DON’T Carry a gun like I do…

When You’re Facing A Bigger, Stronger Attacker, Getting To A Weapon – ANY Weapon – Could Mean The Difference Between Life Or Death…

Larger Attacker
Don’t try to trade blows with an attacker twice your size!

Look, I’m dead serious about this…

There are too many self-defense gurus out there who are telling people that “size doesn’t matter” in a real streetfight.

But I think you and I both know that this is complete hogwash!

You don’t have to be a brainiac to realize that trying to punch away at layers of muscle on the chest of a 6’4″, 300lb prison felon is only going to land you a one-way trip to the morgue.

That’s why your first order of business – as soon as you get the chance – is to gain enough space to quickly get to a weapon of some kind.

And frankly, it doesn’t even have to be a gun or a knife you use.

In fact, too many “gun guys & gals” are far too dependent on thinking their firearm is going to save the day if they’re ever attacked.

The bottom line is this…

…When You’re Ambushed, The Only Weapon You May Be Able To Get To Is The One That’s ALREADY In Your Hand!

Improvised Weapons Self-Defense

Look, I love my guns just as much as the next Warrior…

But I also know that I may have to fight to my gun just to get it into the fight, right?

And besides, there are places – like planes, airports, courthouses, federal buildings, and other “non-permissive environments” where weapons simply aren’t even allowed.

That’s why – besides my handgun – I carry several different types of “improvised weapons” on me at all times.

My 4Runner keys… my flashlight… and a padlock are just a few examples.

But two of my favorites are a simple credit card and my non-tactical” tactical pen.

A credit card can easily be sharpened on one side to be almost razor thin!

But for me, a pen is ideal because it’s the one item you can carry in your hands absolutely anywhere and no one will think twice that you’re “armed”.

(BTW… I highly suggest you stay away from most of the commercial tactical pens on the market. They may look “tacti-cool”, but they actually DON’T work well for real-world self-defense! I did a whole podcast on this topic and I personally like the “Super Stealth” pen from DFTC.)

Now, just as with ANY weapon, it’s only as powerful as the Warrior who wields it, right?

So let me share with you how…

This One “Dirty Trick” Completely Changed How I Think About Targeting The Human Body In A Real Attack…

Ok, this really blew me away when I first heard this from a CIA operative at an “improvised weapons” class I took some years ago…

You see, not every strike has to knock an attacker out… but every strike absolutely MUST move you forward to winning the fight!

Target The Forehead In A Self-Defense Attack
Think outside the box when striking the body in a real attack! This 1″ tiny cut instantly gushed blood into this rugby player’s eyes!

That’s why these ops guys were taught to aim for the forehead – sometimes even as a primary target – when attacked!

Now, I have to admit that I thought this was pretty crazy when I heard it… but it makes total sense when you think about it…

Your brain hogs up a full 20% of all the blood pumped from your heart throughout your body.

And according to Troy Madsen, MD, an emergency physician at the University of Utah Hospital, “… because of its extensive blood supply, even small lacerations to the head can lead to very large amounts of bleeding.”

When you’re able to cut someone across the forehead – either with a knife, a pen, or even a credit card in your hand – they will bleed profusely from their cut!

This works great in a fight because the blood will quickly run down their face and into their eyes – stinging and blinding them.

Plus, the sight of all that blood can be a real shocker to them and disrupt their aggressive mind-set as their instinctual sense of self-preservation will force them into “fight or flight mode”.

Whether they choose to stop their attack and seek medical attention… or continue their fight…  you’ve created a mental “break state” that gives you time to plan your next strike or get to your weapon as they’re distracted and wiping blood out of their eyes.

Yeah, I know it sounds gruesome – and it is – but in a real attack, there’s no such thing as a “fair fight”, right?

Practice targeting the forehead in your self-defense training – especially using some sort of improvised weapon – and you’ll instantly add one more survival tool to your arsenal!

What Other Targets Do You Know Of That Are Simple For Anyone To Reach – And Can Still Have Devastating Effects When Using Improvised Weapons?

Please Leave Your Ideas And Feedback Below For Your Fellow Warriors…

  • Pierre Senneville says:

    I love the upper neck behind the head if you can

  • The armpit and pectoral can be nice easy targets for a tactical pen jab

  • Great information, never considered using a credit card. Thanks

  • Spacegunner says:

    Good comments, but remember: Enough force to stop the threat, same as with a firearm.

  • Barry Smith says:

    great point! we don’t usually think about that arrangement. ** here’s something else to consider, that i kept running into, over my 67 yrs, re how ‘kill zone’ fights, battles, etc, had been conducted, over the past several hundred yrs– indeed, probably forever: stabbing the heart, as a PRIMARY technical objective, for WHEN things ended-up at grappling-biting range. here’s how i’ve learned to ‘present’ this: WHAT are you going to do, WHEN you find yourself in a kill-zone (there aint gonna be no cops in a kill-zone– think about THAT…), AND it goes to grappling-biting range, AND you have a long, slender, STABBING knife? one of the dozens of realdeal factors that finally woke me up to this basic arrangement was, my google-image searches of all the DOZENS of historical, long-term-successfull, long, slender bladed STABBING knives i HAD BEEN AWARE OF, carried by extreme military-warrior cultures ALL over the world, for several centuries (once they developed the metalurgy reqd for such a relatively delicate blade type)– and WHY there are so FEW hacking blade-knives, eg, bolo, kukri, barong.
    its because IT HAD BEEN COMMON KNOWLEDGE FOREVER that if you stab a human, or animal, IN THE HEART, you’ve Solved Your Lethal Problem in 10-15 second– your ‘target’ goes to sleep; whereas, if you FAIL to stab the heart, there’s no telling HOW LONG it will take you to solve your lethal problem– and you could recv a lethal stroke at ANY moment, from your ‘target’, or his buddy behind you!
    i have seen, read, heard, of dozens of cases, studies, in which horrific wounds of ALL kinds had FAILED to quickly disable the ‘target’. interesting exceptions are: heavy club to cranium, expert choke-out, garrotte, heavy hacking-stroke to the neck-spine (spinal cord).
    the MAIN take-home here is that, at grappling-biting range, where your free arm is AROUND your ‘target’, stabbing the HEART is going to involve, eg, stabbing VERTICALLY DOWNWARD, or UPWARD, or SIDEWAYS, requiring a LONGER fighting-blade than has been around for 200-250yrs now– its CRAZY; 9-11 inch bades were the NORM, and went as long as, eg, 20 inch blades, eg, the Kyber Knife (to the Talwar SWORD!), or, the Wakizashi to the Katana, for Samurai who commonly did NOT carry a Tanto for grappling-biting range! enuf fer now, i guess…

  • Larry Yaklich says:

    There are arteries by your armpit and groin on the inside of arms and legs, also since I’m an above knee amputee, I always use crutches when not in a wheelchair. If you take out the knees, hit from outside and force in.

  • crazyoldman says:

    takes about 8# to dislocate a kneecap & down he goes.

  • Use a tactical pen, stomp their foot, spit a drink in their eyes

  • Tom Buckles says:

    Re the credit card, take an expired credit card, and bend it back and forth, near one of the ends, to tear it off. This gives you a serrated edge. The closer to the end, the larger the weapon. Keep it on your person, in your wallet/purse, or wherever is convenient.

  • Philip John Sipkov says:

    Guns, knives, pens … But no mention of ” CANES ” !?
    One can take a cane anywhere… anytime.

  • Martyn king says:

    Comb, across the face / eyes. Pencil, stab and break off. Any where.

  • I am a fan of anything in your hand thrown in their face to get their guard up then blunt force to the knee immediately as they react

  • Great idea wow its not all about wip out my CZ very good tips there very good indeed

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