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Podcast 454: 7 “Less Lethal” Personal Defense Weapons

Look, I get it…

…nothing beats a firearm when it comes to personal defense.

But you’re not going to be able to whip out your Master Blaster 5000 and start sending rounds every time you “feel” threatened.

It could be a panhandler who gets a little too “up close and personal” when you tell him you don’t have any spare change.

It could be a parking lot bully who’s mad that you got the best open spot at the mall.

It could be your drunk Uncle Rick mouthing off after five too many at the family reunion.

You need something “less lethal” than a firearm to defend yourself in situations where you can’t carry, where the simple act of taking out a firearm will land you in legal hot water or even in situations where you can carry and are legally justified to use lethal force but have to fight to get to your handgun.

So I wrote a list of the 7 best weapons that you can carry for those moments when “less than lethal force” is called for.

The 7 BEST “Less Lethal” Personal Defense Weapons

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • Less than lethal weapons that suck to get hit with and keep on sucking for a long time.
  • The best non-lethal weapon for the smaller, weaker members of your family.
  • Unexpected “weapons” you’re probably already carrying every day.
  • Why you absolutely can’t count on a firearm as your only line of defense.
  • And much, MUCH more!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Do You Carry Every Day In Addition To A Firearm? Which Of These Sound Totally WRONG?

Share Your Observations In The Comments Below…

  • Thanks, but you talk so fast.
    What is the brand and model number for the flashlight??
    Thank you

    • Thrunite BSS v5. @ around $87. Hope this helps.

    • kalihi scorpion says:

      only if your knife is a true stiletto. almost all of the flip open (switch blade types) knives will close back on your hand cutting you, unless your stab is perfect into the target. only the ‘black widow’ stiletto type knife will not close back on you, saying you are not using a fixed blade knife as your edc. check it out!

  • Tom Gutheil says:

    2 more: The “flesh shredder”, a tube labeled Gas turnoff key with a sharp slot cut in it’ also a fiberglass whip: harder to carry but very effective. TG, Boston

  • Elizabeth says:

    2 comments: 1. Something my Marine Corps Dad (in Guadalcanal WWII age 17) taught me was that ANYTHING within reach can be used as a weapon. 2. The other, me, Iraq 15 mos. 2006-7, no weapons (contractor but former military) and experiencing all the normal war zone experiences plus the many, many assaults toward women (feared my fellow man far more than the “enemy” and felt the “companion” of fear and hyper-alertness round the clock)….I now keep my handgun probably a bit too far away, because different scenarios illicit “memories” and I really don’t want to hurt anyone or end up on the front page of the newspaper. Any way to reconcile and keep a handgun reasonably within appropriate distance but not where I might use it to deleterious effect?? (Military therapy is just BS because they do NOT understand, yet, the actual brain changes, i.e. atrophy of parts of the brain due to constant adrenalin release, but instead treat it as “talk therapy to overcome emotions” which PTSD is NOT).

    • Hi Elizabeth. I’m a retired Medic. To “rewire” your brain, try lion’s mane mushroom from Dr. Nicole Apelian. For stress/anxiety, L-theanine and lemon balm. These natural methods will promote calm clarity without sedation found in drugs. Godspeed.

  • As noted below. Sometimes it’s hard to catch the name and model of items you are demo’ing. Also, can’t seem to find 6 O’Clock Tactical? Maybe you could list links to each of the items you are showing? If they are good for you…probably good for us also? I really liked the personal alarm, particularly, of all that I’ve seen and owned. But again can’t find 6 O’Clock Tactical and don’t know where else to look for it.

  • Arness stick p v c with a piece of dwelling in it very effective

  • Where do we find 6 O’Clock Tactical?

  • I appreciate the training and would benefit from a list of what you covered so that I can follow up on your suggested non-lethal tools. I am not one of your younger listeners so these could prove helpful to me.

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