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MCS Podcast #89: Tactical Pen As A Self Defense Weapon


Like self-defense weapons?

Yeah, me too… in fact I’ve made it one of my “tactical commandments” to NEVER be unarmed no matter where I go.

That’s easy enough around the house, in my car, or in most public locations where I can carry my Glock 19.

But what about those places you’re not able to “carry” (like on a plane)… or what if you can’t get to your primary weapon because you were ambushed?

That’s why you need “back-ups”!

And one of my favorites is the “tactical pen” – legal… covert… and effective!

But like any weapon, it’s only as powerful as the one who wields it, right?

So as a special bonus this week, check out this workshop we ran to show you how to choose… carry… and fight with a tactical pen!

How To Fight With Your Tactical Pen


Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s episode…

  • What separates the true “tactical powerhouse pen” vs. the whimpy Bic wannabe!
  • Why those fancy shmancy “bonus features” many pens add on could actually be a big giant waste of money!
  • Covert carry!  How to hide your pen so it remains out of sight… but instantly available to grab and defend in an ambush!
  • Tactical targets: High-value areas of the body that a pen can virtually destroy with even minimal force!
  • The tactical pen lifestyle:  How to make the pen a part of your everyday carry self-protection platform – and always be “at the ready”!

Never be unarmed!

Do You Carry A Tactical Pen As A Back-Up Self-Defense Weapon?

Where Do You Carry It For Instant Access?

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