Use This "Amazon Review Hack" When Buying Tactical Gear

Use This “Amazon Review Hack” When Buying Tactical Gear

There’s just one thing that stinks more than waiting for an Amazon package full of tactical gear to arrive…

…and that’s being disappointed in what you get when you open up the box.

But I can help you avoid that sinking feeling!

What I mean is, I have a quick “hack” that will prevent you from thinking, “This isn’t what I was hoping it would be” when you unbox your latest “tactical find.”

Amazon Buyers HATED This Tactical Pen –
Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing!

Amazon Review Hack (Tactical Pen)

Most people, when they look at reviews for a product (whether it’s tactical gear like you and I buy, or anything else), make the same simple mistake:

They look at the good reviews to see why the product is good.

I’m here to tell you that there’s nothing less useful, when you’re trying to decide if you want to buy something, than looking at five- and even four-star reviews for it on Amazon, because…

Online reviews are ALWAYS inflated by “paid” and even completely FAKE positive posts.

People tend to write glowing reviews for stuff to avoid the “cognitive dissonance” of admitting they’re not happy with something they spent money on.

There’s a weird thing people do online where they leave nice reviews because they feel like they’re doing somebody a favor, and this makes them feel good (while being critical makes them feel mean).

The only HONEST review you’re going to read for a product on Amazon will be by someone who HATES that product, because they’re “telling the world” why they’re unhappy.

So if you’re trying to decide whether to buy something, always filter the reviews to ONLY the “1 star” negatives, and then read through looking for whether you consider the issues they mention to be “deal breakers.”

For example, I was looking to buy a couple more tactical pens the other day, and I found a boat-load of 1-star reviews for a tactical pen licensed by a gun manufacturer.

The reviewers HATED this pen, so I went looking to see if the reasons why would be issues for me.

One guy didn’t like that the pen twists to open, but I actually prefer that style to something with a separate cap you have to remove (that can then get lost).

But a BUNCH of people mentioned the SAME problem, and that is that the pen was very uncomfortable to write with.

I mean, if you’re going to carry a pen, even one intended as a self-defense weapon, it should work as a PEN too, right?

But more importantly, if it’s uncomfortable to hold just to write with, it’s going to be incredibly awkward in your hand when you’re using it to FIGHT with.

You need a tactical pen with good ergonomics and good traction so you can hang on to it when you’re using it as a striking tool.

I eventually ended up going with this tactical pen, a model I’ve favored for a while, because I know it’s super comfortable and very strong.

But using that “negative review hack” went a long way toward helping me make my decision (especially because there are so many tactical pens on the market) – and I’m betting it can help you, too, the next time you’re shopping.

Good luck!

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