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MCS 133: My Top-5 Best Self-Defense Weapons For Everyday Carry

Yeah, yeah, yeah… of course you know I’m going to advise you to carry a firearm and a back-up blade for personal protection, right?

But what about for those people who don’t want to carry a gun?

And what about when you travel on a plane or need to get past a metal detector at a federal building?

Like me, you probably believe that you should NEVER be unarmed, right?

Well, this week I’ll share my top 5 “personal defense weapons” for everyday carry that you may not have heard of!

5 Obscure Defense Weapons You Might Already Carry

Top 5 Best Self Defense Weapons

Here’s what you’ll discover in this week’s episode…

  • Even total nerds can weaponize their pocket protector… and you don’t even need to go “tactical” with this common item that doubles as a simple self-defense tool!
  • There are 2 things criminals fear: a targeted victim who fights back… and having you pull out this nifty gadget that will ruin their night!
  • You may have heard the common saying, “2 is 1 – 1 is none”? Well this back-up gizmo can help you defeat a mugger AND get you rescued during a disaster!
  • Can you guess my #1 favorite “back-up weapon”?  (Hint: It sits on my hip everywhere I go and I use it more than any other item in my arsenal!)
  • How an “under the radar” (and legal!) vehicle tool can add devastation and power to any strike – no matter which way you throw a punch!  (Especially great for women to carry in the parking lot!)

Any one of these items will make you safer and take your self-defense weapon arsenal to the next level!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

 Do You Have Any Other “Little-Known” Self-Defense Weapons?

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