MCS 175: Ground Fighting Tactics With Nik Farooqui

MCS 175: Ground Fighting Tactics With Nik Farooqui

Ground Fighting Self Defense
How To Win A Street Fight Ground Attack!

It’s a common “statistic” you’ll hear self-defense trainers say all the time…

… “80% of all fights end up on the ground”!

Whether that’s a realistic number or not, the reality is that anytime you’re trading blows with an attacker, you’re already in a close-quarters combat scenario.

At that range, the longer the fight lasts, the greater the chance your aggressor will grab you and try to throw you or drag you down to the pavement.

It’s just a fact.

When your ability to fight on your feet has been compromised, what tactics can you rely on to avoid being choked, pounded into the cement, or transformed into a human football for your attacker’s buddies to kick around while you lie there immobile?

In this week’s podcast episode, a new member of our network, Nik Farooqui, shares some critical tactics for emerging the victor in a ground attack!

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • Stay on your feet! (How to do it!)
  • How to defend from the ground when your attacker is still on his feet!
  • The fastest way to prepare for a ground attack WITHOUT months and months of expensive, complicated martial arts classes.
  • The “weapons factor”: Dealing with an armed attacker… and arming yourself!
  • How to defend against multiple attackers from the ground!

To protect yourself in a real street fight, you must master skills from all ranges and “worst case” scenarios.

These ground fighting tactics will help you build your close combat arsenal of techniques to be better prepared now.

What Other “Street Fight” Ground Fighting Tactics Do You Have?

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