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A Bouncer’s Guide To STRIKING FIRST When Confronted With An Aggressive Bully. . .

“Violence” was Geoff Thompson’s profession…

As a legendary “doorman” (aka. “bouncer”) at some of Britain’s most violent bars — the kind where they’re sweeping up the eyeballs at closing time — every night was a parade of drunken, testosterone-jacked idiots looking for a fight.

Geoff’s #1 key to survival?

His ability to “read” an attack before it even started. . . and STRIKE FIRST!

I know that may sound like a no-no in the eyes of the law. . . but the fact is, whoever “owns the offense” in a real fight is nearly guaranteed to be the victor.

And in a real attack, “victory” literally means “living”!

Same goes for you. . .

Your Ability To STRIKE FIRST Could Be The Only Thing Between Going Home In One Piece. . . Or Leaving In A Body Bag!

Here Are 4 “First Strike” Bouncer Tricks To Defeat An Aggressive Bully Before He Launches His Attack…

Self-Defense Signs Of An Attack
Is That Stranger About To Strike You? Here’s How To Tell…

Predators rely on 4 sneaky tricks that Geoff calls the “4 D’s”.

He describes the “4 D’s”, the sneaky tricks street criminals use to get close enough and sucker punch you, as dialogue, deception, distraction, and destruction.

  • Dialogue is intended to get you talking. If you’re focused on what you’re going to say, you’re not focused on looking for attacks.
  • Deception is an attempt to fool you about the nature of the threat, like trying to appear harmless, acting polite to seem like a non-threat, or otherwise blending in.
  • Distraction is any thing intended to put your attention somewhere OTHER than his attack, like asking for a light and then hitting you while you’re distracted with your lighter..
  • Destruction is the thug’s endgame, the point at which his dialogue, deception, or distraction has made an opening so he can hit you, stab you, mug you, etc.

What we can learn from real fights, comparing these “4 D’s” to real-life footage of attacks, muggings, and street fights, are three HUGE lessons:

1. Trust Your Gut

I’ve had these types of street “interviews” happen to me.

Most of the time, they’re nothing more than panhandling — nothing violent.

I remember feeling really stupid after the fact for letting that person get as close to me as I did, though.

Even when I saw them closing the distance with me, I wussed out because I didn’t want to come off as being an a-hole to a complete stranger.

I’ve learned from my mistakes since then.

You can be assertive and defend your boundaries without being a total douchebag.

In a stern voice, say,

“Stop right there, please. Can I help you?”

If they stop and respond, great.

If they don’t, that’s a sign they’re trying to get closer to you than you want. . . and you need to be prepared to take it to the next steps.

2. Use Their Own Tricks Against Them

The thing about the “4 D’s” is that they work both ways.

You can use dialogue, deception, and distraction to take the attacker OFF HIS GAME to. . .

Give you time to react. . .

. . . Make an opening so you can escape, or. . .

. . .Create the opportunity to bring the fight to him.

You could dialogue with the attacker by asking him something that gets his brain working:

“Hey, man, did you see a little brown dog anywhere around here, about so high? No? Thanks, I’ve got to find him.”

You could try to deceive and even warn off the attacker by announcing:

“Whoa, man, don’t get any closer. My doctor says I have COVID and I don’t want to give it to you.”

You could even distract him, even momentarily, by pointing and saying (loudly),

“Hey, what are you kids doing over there?”

If you can’t escape, and if nothing you do convinces him to stop closing distance with you, then you’ll have to proceed to your own version of destruction — which means you’ll have to. . .

3. Be Prepared To Strike FIRST

Striking first isn’t illegal if you’re in real danger.

You’re not obligated to let some giant scumbag knock your block off before you react to the very OBVIOUS threat he poses.

You don’t have to be a martial arts master to do it, either.

Just as Geoff Thompson and other bouncers discovered, most people don’t know when they’re in a fight. . . even when fists start swinging.

In fact, watch this video of a face-to-face confrontation.

Warning: the video is very graphic.


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Sadly, the victim didn’t realize he was in a fight until it was too late.

If you watch the video, though, you’ll see the danger signs… and the results were disastrous.

The lessons you can learn from it, though, could save your bacon when it matters.

I should know — because I’ve used it myself more than once, and it worked every time.

How Would You Handle A Guy Who Seems Ready To Hit You? Would You Strike First? Where Would You Strike?

Please Share Your Self-Defense Plan With Us Now…

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