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MMA “Cage Fighter” vs. Gang Member (Who Wins In A Real Street Fight?)

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

Do you ever watch mixed martial arts (MMA) matches like UFC fights?

Lots of people do.

They’re incredibly popular.

Two men locked in an octagon cage…

…”no holds barred”…

…kicks, throws, choke-outs…anything goes!

A lot of people figure MMA is the end-all, be-all of combat, but let me ask you this question…

Who Would Win In A REAL Street Fight? An MMA Athlete… Or A Vicious Gang Member?

Real Street Fight: MMA Cage Fighter Vs. Gang Thug Street Fighter
Real Street Fight: MMA Cage Fighter Vs. Gang Thug Street Fighter

When we ran a survey of our readers a while back and asked this question, 67% or respondents said that the “mixed martial arts” fighter would win.

Probably because he trains hard and is typically big, strong, and in great physical condition, right?

But think about this…

When an MMA fighter is battling his opponent in the octagon, he never has to worry about “sneak attacks” like:

  • Knives
  • Guns
  • Baseball bats
  • Or “multiple attackers”

And if things get out of hand and “too violent”, there’s a friendly referee to stop the fight before there’s any life-threatening trauma.

The bottom line is…

The “Cage” Is Not The Street!

In fact, did you know that the most devastating, fight-ending tactics are considered “illegal” in even the most violent MMA matches?

It makes sense, right?

Even though these fighters are amazing, “rules” are what keep them safe from being crippled for life… blinded… or even killed!

But for your own safety (and the safety of those who may be with you when you’re attacked), you MUST get this through your head right now…

…There Are No RULES On The Street!

All of those “illegal” fight moves that MMA fighters aren’t allowed to use (because they’re too brutal and dangerous) are EXACTLY what the hardened street thug will use first when ambushing you in a parking lot on your way to your car.

He knows that these are the tactics that really end a fight fast… and make him the “hero” of his friends as they all laugh at you while you’re laying there in a bloody mess on the pavement.

So How Could YOU Possibly Stand A Chance Against A Street-Trained “Dirty” Fighter?

There’s only one way…

Use the same exact nasty moves that are considered “illegal” and “too dangerous” for even no-holds-barred cage matches.

I know that sounds impossible, but it’s absolutely true…

You don’t need to spend hours practicing these moves or be “big and strong” to pull most of them off.

They’re simple as hell… but each of them are enough to send someone TWICE your size to the ground in crippling pain – unable to get back up and fight.

I’ve created an entire program so you can see exactly how to use each move.

Now Let Me Warn You…

These are NOT the techniques you’ll see in any “self-defense school”.

Every one of these nasty tactics I’ll show you are designed for life-or-death SURVIVAL!

The kind of attacks when you have someone you love hiding behind you trembling and YOU are the only thing between them and the sadistic a**hole who will take advantage of you being unconscious!

Not only am I offering the Defeat Larger Attackers DVD for FREE, there is even a companion DVD to go along with it so you can learn how to Defeat MULTIPLE Attackers!

You’ll see, in full step-by-step detail, how to employ effective moves in a real fight against a bigger, stronger, more vicious attacker.

No “theory”… no fluff… no fancy schmancy complicated moves!

Just 100% hardcore tactics you can bet your life on!

Now this DVD is NOT available for public sale… but you’re getting it as one of my readers.

I’m fully committed to making sure you have all the resources you need to protect yourself and those you love.

Go grab your DVD’s right away. 

Have You Ever Had A REAL Street Fight?

Share Your Experiences Us In The Comments Below Now…

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