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“Girly” Fight Moves That Will SAVE YOUR LIFE

It was just a routine evening jog for 36-year old Kelly Herron… but it quickly turned into a nightmare. 

During a bathroom break on her run she was assaulted by a vicious predator lying in wait for his next victim.

But here’s the crazy thing that happened…

…she won!

In fact, she captured her attacker and locked him up until the police arrived.

If she can fight off a larger, stronger attacker anyone can…

But most men have a serious liability going into the “unfair” world of defending against a real street attack!

“Girly” Street Fighting Tactics To Keep “Manly Men” Alive

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • How dangerous “just a fight” can be in the real world!
  • The mindset change every “real man” will have to make to train for a real-life street fight!
  • The real objective of “girly” fighting techniques… and how to use them regardless of size or strength!
  • 5 “girly” dirty tricks that will give you a tactical advantage in a real fight against a larger attacker!
  • And much, MUCH more!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What “Dirty Tricks” From REAL STREET FIGHTS Have You Learned Over The Years?
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  • Ron Sivils says:

    Scratching the face is o.k. but with just a little more effort and knowledge you can stick your thumb in the scumbags eye up to the first joint. Instant results, works every time, guaranteed!

  • Ron Sivils says:

    I’m familiar with Tim Larkin’s TFT system. He told the story of one girl who took his class. She was going away to college and her Dad made her take the class. In Tim’s own words, “she was the classic legally blonde type, wasn’t interested in the class at all, and as she left I prayed that she would never have to use it.” She went away to a college with a classic predator rapist that prowled the campus and one night she went to sleep with her window open. She woke up with a 240 lb. 6’3″ predator on top of her. She didn’t scream or anything and just laid there quietly and waited until he pulled the covers back and then she looped an arm around his neck and started digging her thumb into one of his eyes. Tim never said how far she got it in but it was effective. They were on the top bunk of a double bunk and they both fell off to the ground with her on top. She immediately got off and went running down the hall screaming “help me, help me.” Campus security went into the room and the predator was still there. They went over to arrest him and he was deceased. When they fell her forearm had crushed his trachea and he didn’t make it. Scratch one!

  • Jeff Coder says:

    Jeff, thanks for sharing this very excellent video. I’m a long time martial artist. I’ve trained in karate and aiki-jutsu. The aiki stuff has some very wicked joint locks! I’ve also been following Tim Larken TFT for a while along with Iain Abernethy (karate bunkai) and Lenny Sly, some very wicked aikido/aiki-justu stuff. Everything you’ve said in this video is absolutely correct. I would just add a couple of little things. The hair grab is great. Do it in conjunction with a palm heel strike to the face and then rotate him into the ground by keeping the palm heel on his face. Secondly, if the bad guy has short hair just reach around and grab his ear and pull around in a circle. The same principle applies. Move your body around in the direction of the pull and drive him into the ground. Where the head goes the body follows.

    Secondly, biting as you mentioned is a fair thing to do cuz there is no such thing as a fair fight when you’re fighting for your life. If you can get a hold of the BG’s thumb and bite just past the knuckle, that is extremely painful. Let’s say a BG has you from behind and is choking you with his right arm or has a knife to your throat. Biting his thumb is an effective technique to get him to drop the blade or stop the choke. If you put your right hand behind your head trapping the BG’s elbow that is even better. Especially if he has a knife cuz it will prevent him from pulling the blade and cutting your throat. Just gently bite your own thumb right below the knuckle and see how much it hurts. Just think how much it will hurt in a real fight when you bite down hard.
    Over all, great video. Keep’em coming.


  • James L. Roberts, says:

    A thumb (braced a-crossed and sticking out beyond your fist) gouged straight into their eye with all your force!

  • William Littrell says:

    Hyperextend the knee, eye gouge, throat punch are all effective as well. If they have short hair grab the ear instead.

  • Hoss Contrite says:

    Many years ago in my kung-fu class, we were taught to kick with the top of the foot, yet when I see these instructors on various sites, they seem to use the “balls” of the feet. Just personal preference, or is there a technical advantage to the latter?

  • One of the most useful tools I learned came from Chris Clugston’s Comhrac Bas. He called it “the Wedge” and it is basically a straight armed push with stacked hands used against the targets right shoulder. The next tool I learned was presented as a “choke stopper” you take an index and a middle finger and shove them into the suprasternal notch in an attempt to crush the subjects trachea. Walking forward and holding arm place was just about all the effort that was required to stop an attack. The finally tool came to me via the Tao of Jeet Kune Do and it is the eye jab. It requires proximity and accuracy to be used effectively and extends your range beyond that of your normal striking range best of all you do not need to be a knock out puncher to impede or dissuade an attacker.

  • Fingernails scrape across face/eyes/ears/neck

  • I’m reminded of the John Steinbeck quote “If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.” Great content! I firmly believe that the only fight you win is the one you completely avoid – otherwise, fight as if your life depends on it until you absolutely end the threat you face. I find Tim Larkin’s Target Focus Training to be a great resource for both theory and practical skill development. I’m fascinated by the idea of Wing Chun “sticky hands” exercises with blindfolds. Thanks Jeff for all you do to share these valuable insights with those of us who can’t necessarily afford in-person training.

  • Um guess it was that started Wing Chun kung fu.
    Yeah a W O M A N.

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