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Powerful Groin Strike Secret Makes It Even MORE Effective

A powerful groin strike will stop any male attacker cold.

Unfortunately, it’s often taught incorrectly.

The way most people use this technique can get them in trouble.

If you want to use it in the most effective way possible, check out my self defense groin kick secret below.

With it, you’ll be able to win any street fight fast.

How To Perform The Secret Trick To The Self Defense Groin Kick


Video Summary

When you use a groin kick the way most people do, there’s a good chance it can be blocked.

If you do connect, the attacker’s head comes down as you come forward because of your kick. You may knock yourself out if his head hits your chin.

The groin strike is a follow up strike, not a first strike.

Get hold of his head first (here’s a great technique for that).

As you control his head, pushing it up and back, use your knee to strike the groin, not your foot.

This brings your body to the side so when he comes forward naturally because of the groin strike, you avoid getting struck by his head.

This will make them fall pretty hard and it’s just one example of the mean and nasty street fight moves you should be using if you’re ever attacked and don’t have a weapon.

(If you don’t have a copy of my “Defeat Larger Attackers” DVD, I consider it an absolute must-have… so much so that I send it out for free to anyone who’s serious about protecting themselves “unarmed” against a bigger, stronger attacker. You just have to tell me where to send the free DVD and my team will get it out to you right away.)

All it takes are a few of these moves in your arsenal and you’ll be amazed at how much confidence it gives you.

What’s Your Favorite “Street Move” For Self-Defense?
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