[NEWS] "Sheepdog" Learns A Hard Street-Fight Lesson In Defending A Stranger!

[NEWS] “Sheepdog” Learns A Hard Street-Fight Lesson In Defending A Stranger!

33 y.o. Eric Skripka awoke in his hospital bed – his eye swollen shut… his face badly bruised and broken… his ribs in sheer agony.

His head was still fuzzy, but he recalled that he “had to do something” to protect the woman being mercilessly beaten in the street by a much larger, stronger man.

His actions may have saved the woman’s life…

…but he also learned a valuable lesson – one I want to share with you in just a minute – on…

When (And HOW) To Defend A Total Stranger From A Street-Fight Beating!

Real Street Fight Attack Self Defense Lesson
Should You Interfere In A Real Street Fight Attack?

It all began around 7pm on a Saturday night in St. Paul, MN…

All Eric wanted was some milk and some orange juice.

So he hopped on the #16 bus to head on down to the local Walmart for a few items.

As Eric prepared to exit the stopped, a man at the front of the passengers, later identified as Brian Howard, suddenly, and viciously, struck his girlfriend and then forced her off the bus.

Shocked by the sudden violence, the exiting passengers quickly got off the bus and began walking away as Howard continued his assault on the woman.

But Eric was a “sheepdog”.

A protector.

One of “those people” who run TOWARD danger… while others run away.

And besides – he had been a Military Police Officer. He was trained. He had experience. And this woman needed help. But…

This “Sheepdog’s” Brave Actions To Protect An Innocent Woman Nearly Cost Him His Life!

Eric approached Howard as he continued his assault on his girlfriend, and shouted…

“Dude, that’s enough!”

Eric thought that maybe the man would stop his attack and back off.

He was wrong.

Instead, Howard turned on Eric and got right up in his face.

Eric didn’t flinch.

“Dude, back the f*ck off! What’s your problem?!”

That’s the last thing Eric remembers about that confrontation.

Witnesses told police that Howard turned his attack on Eric, punching him in the head and knocking him unconscious.

As Eric fell near the bus stop shelter, it was obvious that Howard didn’t care if he was unconscious and defenseless.

He showed no mercy – holding onto the shelter’s glass wall as he kicked Eric several times in the head and torso as hard as he could before running off – leaving Eric to be transported to the hospital, broken and bleeding.

Now, knowing Eric’s story, let me ask you this …

Should you jump in to protect an innocent person from being beaten?

Considering what happened to Eric, you might be expecting me to say “no”, right?

But I’m a sheepdog too.

Most of you are.

I can’t imagine any of you standing by while someone’s spouse or child is being mercilessly beaten … and I’m not about to tell you that you should.

What you should do is make absolutely certain you know HOW to intervene.

Here’s A Better Way To Protect A Stranger In A Real Street Fight Attack…

1. Don’t Step In Swinging

Most fights start with threats and posturing, and if you’ve been reading my stuff for a while, you know you can usually de-escalate the situation before it comes to blows.

You might think that because the guy is already hitting someone, it’s too late for words.

But you’re not looking at a guy in the middle of a fight – you’re looking at someone delivering a beating.

That’s a very different mindset, and you can interrupt it with the right approach.

2. Call 911 – And Tell Him You’re Doing It!

Guys who beat people smaller and weaker than them think they’re going to get away with it.

That’s WHY they’re hitting someone smaller than they are – so that they won’t get hit back.

The best thing you can do is start yelling at the guy that consequences are about to happen.


Give the cops your location, the guy’s description, and make sure they know the assault is still happening … cops will come a lot faster if they think they can help right now.

Talk loudly, even if the dispatcher tells you that you don’t need to yell.

You want the guy to hear you giving his description to the cops, and you want him to know they’re coming.

3. Be Ready If He Turns On You!

You’re dealing with a violent person here.

And even though his attack isn’t directly aimed at you, you must realize that this could change in an instant!

I know from experience…

I’ve personally stepped in a few times to stop women from getting beaten by their boyfriends (I lived in a rough, gang-infested area of New Mexico) and on both occasions, the guy turned his aggression on me for not minding my own business.

Fortunately, I knew a few simple self-defense “tricks” that protected me AND the women I saved from their dumbass boyfriends!

The best part is, these moves are so simple and so powerful that they work regardless of your age, size, or even if you’ve never been in a real fight … ever!

In any case, the lesson here is that, if you’re going to step in to defend the helpless, you better make sure you’ve got the superhero skills to match your superhero attitude.

And no, you can’t just draw a gun on a guy punching someone else in public – the law won’t stand for it.

Take the time now to master just a few powerful self-defense moves should you ever find yourself faced with a forced-defense scenario in a real street fight!

What About YOU? Have You Ever Stepped In To Defend A Stranger? Would You?

Please Share Your Best Self-Defense Tips And Stories Below Now…


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