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[NEWS] “Sheepdog” Steps In To Defend A Total Stranger From A Brutal Attack – Then Learns A Hard Lesson About Being A Protector!

33 y.o. Eric Skripka awoke in a hospital bed…

His right eye swollen shut… his face badly bruised… his jaw locked up… his ribs in sheer agony.

His head was still fuzzy and his memory unclear, but he did recall that he “had to do something to protect the woman being mercilessly beaten in the street by a much larger, stronger man.

In fact, Eric’s heroic actions may possibly have saved this woman’s life at the hands of her aggressor…

But when the bully decided to turn his attention on him, Eric learned some valuable lessons on the reality of…

When (And HOW) To Defend A Total Stranger From A Street-Fight Beating!

Real Street Fight Attack Self Defense Lesson
Should You Interfere In A Real Street Fight Attack?

It was 7pm on a Saturday night in St. Paul, MN…

Eric noticed he was all out of milk and orange juice for his morning breakfast, so he hopped onto the #16 bus to head on down to his local Walmart before they closed.

As the bus was preparing to stop at the store’s location, Eric stood up to exit with the other passengers, when suddenly he heard yelling at the front of the line.

Brian Howard
Brian Howard

One of the passengers, later identified as Brian Howard, viciously struck his girlfriend, forcing her off the bus.

Shocked by the sudden violence, the exiting passengers quickly got off the bus and began walking away as Howard continued his assault on the woman.

But not Eric.

Eric had once been a Military Police Officer so he had some experience, and felt an internal drive to do something – anything – to stop the man’s attack.

This Woman Needed Help – FAST – And Eric Had The Training To Step In And Protect Her – But…

This “Sheepdog’s” Brave Actions To Protect An Innocent Woman Nearly Cost Him His Life!

Eric approached Howard as he continued to beat his girlfriend in full public view, and shouted…

“Dude, that’s enough!”

Eric thought that maybe the man would stop his attack and back off.

He was wrong.

Instead, Howard turned on Eric and got right up in his face.

Eric didn’t flinch.

“Dude, back the f*ck off! What’s your problem?!”

That’s the last thing Eric remembers about his confrontation.

Eric Skripka
Eric Skripka

Bystanders later told responding police that Howard turned away from his assault on the woman and punched Eric in the head – instantly knocking him unconscious as he fell to the ground.

But the attack didn’t stop there…

As Eric lay passed-out and defenseless on the sidewalk, Howard held nothing back…

Grabbing onto the bus shelter’s glass wall, Howard brutally kicked Eric over and over again in the head and upper body before running away.

Eric Was Rushed To The Hospital, Broken And Bleeding – Lucky To Even Be Alive – Because He Made 3 Big Mistakes And…

Here’s A Better Way To Protect A Defenseless Stranger If YOU Ever Choose To Step In As Their Protector…

Ok, knowing Eric’s story, let me ask you this …

Would YOU jump in to protect an innocent person from being beaten?

Considering what happened to Eric, you really need to think of the possible consequences of your actions.

I also know that – like me – you probably can’t imagine standing by while an innocent person is being mercilessly beaten right in front of you, right?

But “how” you intervene can be the critical factor in whether you stop the attack – or end up fighting for your life in a hospital bed – so here’s what I suggest…

1. Don’t Step In “Swinging”

Most fights are the result of either a criminal ambush or an escalated argument between two (or more) people, who may or may not know each other.

So, unless you heard and saw the fight from the beginning, you may not know who is the real aggressor and who’s the “victim” before you decide to step in.

In other words, the person you step in to “save” may actually be the criminal or bully who started the attack in the first place.

But here’s the awkward truth…

Even a violent criminal has “rights”, so if they are now in danger of death or serious bodily injury because their intended victim fought back, you stepping in to stop the attack may still “save” them from being arrested and imprisoned for using excessive force if they’ve already stopped their attacker but continue their assault.

Worse, if you intervene with physical force and seriously injure or kill someone yourself – whether it’s an innocent victim who was fighting back or even the criminal or aggressor themselves – you are now on the hook for accountability of that life and could find yourself in a courtroom to justify your actions.

Are you willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars and risk going to prison for stepping in with physical force first, in a fight you had no part in?

To be safe, I recommend you do this instead…

2. Call 911… And Tell Him You’re Doing It!

In the middle of a beat-down, an attacker – especially if they’re a bigger, stronger bully who’s used to intimidating their victims – isn’t necessarily expecting any consequences to their physical assault.

You may be able to instantly stop their attack by triggering a psychological “break state” into their brain that jolts them out of their violent trance.

Your first move is to call 911 for back-up.

Give the police your location, the guy’s description, and make sure they know the assault is still happening (cops will come a lot faster if they think they can help right now).

But here’s a little trick you’ll want to employ…

When reporting the incident to the dispatcher, talk very loudly – even if they tell you that you don’t need to yell.

You want the guy to hear you giving his description to the cops, and you want him to know they’re coming.

And if he doesn’t hear you or stop his attack, stay on the line with dispatch and then yell at them…


Then continue to yell at them to stop their assault – until it’s time to escalate things…

3. Be Ready If He Turns On You!

Look, you’re obviously dealing with a violent person here.

And even though his attack wasn’t directly aimed at you, you must realize that this could change in an instant!

I know from experience…

For many years, I lived in a rough, gang-infested area of New Mexico where boys grew up as drug-dealers and girls grew up to “serve” the gang.

I’ve personally stepped in twice to stop women from getting beaten by their boyfriends, and on both occasions, the thugs turned his aggression on me for not minding my own business.

Fortunately, my signature “first move” has never failed me and I was able to take these lowlifes out with a single shot before the police arrived.

In any case, the lesson here is that, if you’re going to step in to defend the helpless, you damn well better make sure you’ve got the “superhero skills” to match your “superhero attitude”.

Take the time now to master just a few powerful self-defense moves should you ever find yourself faced with a forced-defense scenario in a real street fight!


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What About YOU? Have You Ever Stepped In To Defend A Stranger? Would You?

Please Share Your Best Self-Defense Tips And Stories Below Now…


  • Scott Gordon says:

    Yes, I would step in, so it’s a good thing I got to read your advice here, first. Much appreciated!

  • Mike Washhburne says:

    I have years ago. A couple of bar fights.

  • Having a concealed carry gun would help.I called the cops a few years ago in Rochester NY .on Lake Ave there was a long line of cars and on the side in a lot there were about 5 or 6 late teens beating up one other teen.
    The emergency 911 operator was a total clown,kept asking me stupid questions like what was the nearest side street.I couldn’t tell because of all the cars but had given her the exact street number from a sign on Lake Ave.Beating must have been witnessed by hundreds.I have some martial arts training but no firearm yet,just got permit now for CC.Anyway the 911 operator was useless,last question she asked me was what city was I calling from,although I had told her Rochester.I
    then hung up angrily.Maybe she was based in Buffalo.I was reluctant to leave my car in heavy traffic and take on 5 or 6 people with no weapon or knowledge of the situation.Having read your suggestions I realize I should have yelled “I’m calling 911,cops on their way” even though that wasn’t the case .

  • Cecil Ryu Martial Arts says:

    You pretty much nailed it with the first step for me. I’ve just said something like “hey man, what you doing?” in a non-threatening tone or something along those lines and get the guy talking, explaining his side, etc. That can stop it or even prevent it if things have not gone to blows. I’m ready for him to turn on me, granted, but, words can go a long way. I also tend to only intervene when the combatants are teens. If it’s adults, I’ve noticed that the aggressor will stop if they see me there, I guess assuming I would be a threat or a witness.

  • Eric Phillips says:

    you’re spot on. As an older guy, I’d dial 911 before getting involved. Since I’m usually carrying, the last thing I’d want to do is escalate an already bad situation. Only if I really knew the woman was the victim, and was at extreme risk would I personally try to deescalate the situation

  • Yes tell them your calling 911 . Then if their back is still turned to you stomp hard on their Achilles tendon . If they spin to face you , chances are they will be unstable , QUICK knife blade fist to solar plexus . Then stay moving keep working on the same leg until he quits or the cops show up or at least the the attackee can get away. And remember ONE haymaker One lucky punch will get you a ticket right next to the first victim

    • Stomp on their Achilles tendon. I like that. Good one!

  • This was some really bad incident, but I’ve been where I’ve tried to talk a down…it’s the wrong thing they are doing, especially if there are witnesses around. This worked most often, but we didn’t have cell phones like now and I think that’s the best advice ever, especially these days. Great advice!!!

  • Yes I would step in, then kick the culprit in his family jewels thus driving them into his chest! Game over.

    • Stukahna Sandbahr says:

      Elbow to the side of the neck.

  • You may absolutely use a firearm against an unarmed attacker. Not sure what the law in NM is, but in most states, If you do use a firearm to defend yourself against an unarmed attacker (a home invasion should always be met with a firearm response) you will have to be able to justify morally to yourself, and legally to law enforcement and the courts that you were in fear of your life or in fear of serious physical harm. “The law won’t stand for it” is just not true.

  • Sounds to me like he was near death with grievous bodily injury? Can’t even imagine what the woman looks like. What do you mean “the law won’t stand for it.” You just described the very essence of Self Defense.

  • A man who turned out to be drug dealer was living in apt 2 doors down. He was cursing others. (Actually, cursing people that were staying short time with him.) I was walking somewhere & I just stood watching him..not saying anything. (i was about 20 feet away from him). He quit cursing and went inside. I had no weapon..never said a word.. I was just staring at him (and he was bigger & younger than me and I was also in a pretty safe neighborhood).

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