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The Combat-Tested “Street Fighting Matrix” (That Can Save Your Life!)

It was a “game-changer” in the ring and revolutionized sport-fighting forever…

mixed martial arts!

Unfortunately, undercover government agents formerly taught MMA techniques kept finding that this style of fighting just wasn’t meeting the challenge of real-life hand-to-hand and hand-to-weapon combat.

That’s when an unnamed agency called upon expert combatives instructor, Matt Numrich, to help them uncover what was wrong with their training – and develop a better system to keep these men and women safe on the streets.

Matt discovered that, by cross-mapping the most common attacks these agents were experiencing with the specific technique that defeat them, there was a “hidden code” he’d never seen before that held the secret how anyone can master real-world hand-to-hand tactics in the shortest time possible.

Matt’s discovery is now known as the “Street Fighting Matrix”!

And the best part is, you don’t have to be an undercover agent to master these same techniques and make them work for you!

The “Street Fighting Matrix” That Defeats Violent Predators… And Even MULTIPLE Attackers!

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • Just what your MMA, BJJ and Muay Thai training is lacking!
  • The 5 basic types of self-defense situations you’re going to find yourself in!
  • How to begin training with these “street fight” principleseven if you don’t have a training partner!
  • The one simple change your self-defense tactics require whenever you pick up a weapon!
  • And much, MUCH more!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

Have You Ever Had To Use Your Martial Arts In A Real Street Fight? What “Dirty” Tricks Do You Know?

Share Your Observations In The Comments Below…

  • Not in any fights in many years but MuDong/WuTang kung fu system I am currently learning seems pretty close to Chinese dirty fighting (with a Taoist philosophical bent).Many of the striking oriented martial arts moves i see on You Tube in different systems seem similar since the human body can only move in so many ways.Anyway Chinese so called internal systems offer many health benefits,including breathing exercises,”chi” exercises and natural body movements based on body positioning/body structure rather than strength alone.


      That split second thinking of what the instructor said will cost you dearly.

    • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

      I’ve been wanting to take either Tai Chi or Chigong for some time now. I think there’s a group that gets together at a park near my home and I’m thinking about stopping by on one of my runs to see what they have going on. One of our WL Academy instructors, Glenn Hairston ( is a former undercover cop and used the “martial element” of Tai Chi in his training. Great practical use of something you’d never think could be used in a real fight.

      • Tai Chi, Qigong breathing, and similar practice can improve breath control and relaxation. Some competitive shooters have adopted yoga. Qigong should convey similar benefits. The movements, flexibility, and slow endurance training can improve any martial practice. There’s a more martial iteration refined in Japan called Taikiken, if you can find it.

        There’s benefit to various kinds of kung fu but, unfortunately, there’s a mess of schools, rivalries, mythical history, anachronistic weapons, and forms fixation that results in content for the sake of content or mytho-spiritualism. Sadly, reformist schools like Jing Wu (1920s) lost out to the balletic-gymnastics floor routine of Wushu (Communist-era). Further efforts like Sanda, Lei Tei, and Shuai Jiao (wrestling) offer some answers but so much of the fighting talent and instruction is more readily available in boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, BJJ that kung fu usually offers a helpful branch than a trunk. For Tai Chi, you can do it aged, injured, arthritic, or with a heart condition. It benefits those with a clear-eyed rationale and who pursue the meditative, breathing, balance, flexibility, and general fitness benefits vs. those who think a Tai Chi master will demolish a “cage fighter.”


    In a real streetfight you are the specialist. Anything goes. Lightening fast thinking will achieve victory. There are no hard and fast rules to follow in a confrontation. Woerwaai! Afrikaans expression for “Win at all Costs”

    • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

      I like the expression Fred! So true man! Thanks for sharing!

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