"Trick" Your Way Out Of Bloody Violence (Throwback Video)

“Trick” Your Way Out Of Bloody Violence (Throwback Video)

I’ve been reading a BRUTAL book recently that got me to thinking about some of our older Warrior Life TV videos (back when we were MCS).

The fastest way to stop a street fight is to knock your attacker unconscious, which is why one of my most “viral” videos…

…is about how to knock someone out with one “trick punch” they won’t see coming.

But that’s just 1 physical trick to deal with some of the vicious, bloody violence.

The book I’m reading is literally called “The Big Bloody Book of Violence,” and it’s FULL of brutal truths that will help you cope with the vicious realities of real-world violence.

You can see my old video below, but…

Uppercut 1-Punch KO Secret

…rather than just brag about how the video got 2.1 million views, I want to make sure to give that book a shout-out, because I’m really liking it.

The Big, Bloody Book of Violence explains things like…

The legal hassles if you get charged with assault – and what to do about it (Ch. 4)

What actually WORKS when dealing with workplace violence (Ch. 7)

The EVIL mindset of the predators you’ll face (and why you can’t negotiate with them) (Ch. 9)

How professional criminals operate (and what to do about that) (Ch. 10)

How to strike first (and strike hard) (Ch. 13)

How to AVOID becoming a target (Ch. 15)

…And a LOT more.

(It’s by Kris Wilder and Lawrence Kane, but it’s presented by my friend and former CIA officer Jason Hanson.)

Check it out on Jason’s page here, and leave a comment on my YouTube video if you get a chance.

Have a great day!

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