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MCS 239 – 3 Vicious Ground-Fighting Tactics For Real Street Fights

Ground fighting!

It’s one of the worst situations you could ever find yourself in when attacked in a real street fight.

I mean, imagine a 280 lb. giant thug sitting on your chest as he pounds away at your head cushioned by nothing more than parking lot pavement.

It’s a setup for a quick trip to the local emergency room… or even the morgue!

Fortunately, you don’t have to become some mixed-martial arts expert to win on the ground.

In fact, in this week’s podcast episode, I’m going to reveal 3 simple tactics ANYONE can use in a brutal street groundfight to not only “survive”… but actually DEFEAT your attacker – even if they’re bigger and stronger than you!

3 BRUTAL Groundfighting Moves ANYONE Can Master

Real Street Fight Ground Fighting
Could YOU Survive A Real Street Fight Ground Attack?


Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • The dangers of the ground – what most people don’t know about real street fights!
  • 3 reasons why even most “martial artists” never train for groundfighting (and why even those who DO are going about it all WRONG!)
  • An “illegal” fight move too vicious for even brutal “no-holds barred” mixed martial arts tournaments… that will absolutely save your life in a ground fight!
  • A wide-open “weak spot” target most people don’t consider when there’s a giant beast of a gangbanger sitting on your chest!
  • How to leave ANY attacker – no matter how big and nasty – in a bloody, screaming mess with one simple tactic! (You can even test this out on yourself, right now! I’ll show you how!)

These 3 street groundfighting moves are straight out of my own personal bag of nasty tricks! They’re easy… require NO brute strength… and DON’T require ANY practice to get them right!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What OTHER Self-Defense Techniques Are Simple Yet Effective In A Real Street Fight?

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