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Meditation For Warriors: Programming Your Brain For Self-Protection!

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

Anyone engaged in a high-risk job or activity, anyone who does competitive sports, and anyone who simply needs to be focused for heavy physical or mental activity throughout the day, can benefit from what we’ve referred to on this blog before as warrior meditation.

This is a means of calming your emotions and clearing your mind so that you are better focused and more alert.

This foundational meditation readies you for each day, setting you up for the most success you can create, regardless of the particular battlefield, literal or metaphorical, where this day will take place.

But meditation can also be used to program your brain for success, improving your daily training outcomes… as well as your outcomes in life in general.

Not long ago I spoke again to famed martial arts expert Loren Christensen about “using the force” this way.

Here is what he had to tell me about using meditation to program your warrior’s brain for success.

The Benefits Of Meditation For Warriors On Self-Protection!

Warrior Meditation For Self-Defense
Warrior Meditation For Self-Defense
Loren Christensen

Remember that the primary function of meditation is to help you achieve both a calm, peaceful mind as well as a profoundly relaxed body.

Once you achieve this, you will find that it feels wonderful.

It’s just an amazing sensation.

That’s an important standalone benefit and purpose of warrior meditation.

The positive physical sensation it produces helps encourage you while making you better able to handle your day and its challenges.

Your daily meditation can range from a minute to five minutes to thirty minutes, which means it doesn’t even have to take up much of your time.

Warrior Meditation Benefits

One of the side benefits of warrior meditation is this:

When your mind is deeply calm, you are highly susceptible to positive commands you give yourself, such as how to go about your day safely and with alert focus.

Too often we think negatively about our skills, allowing our fears and our doubts to destroy our focus and confidence.

These negative thoughts can therefore harm us when we must rely most strongly on our training, our instincts, and our reflexes, such as during battle or other dangerous situations.

Practicing Warrior Meditation

You can conduct a simple warrior meditation session almost anywhere and any time.

You first make yourself relaxed so you are susceptible to positive commands.

Calm your mind.

Use four-count tactical breathing if you want, or any other breathing and relaxation method you might know.

Then give yourself commends that fit your needs, whether those needs are safety on the street, focus and resolve on the battlefield, the will to push yourself during a competition, or whatever else.

To survive, to succeed, you must be positively focused.

Some positive commands include…

  • I am aware of my surroundings, all 360 degrees.
  • I will always give new surroundings a quick tactical examination.
  • I’ll be aware of potential trouble spots.
  • I’ll be aware of everyone around me.
  • I will be cognizant of anyone who makes me feel uncomfortable.
  • I am confident in my verbal skills and my physical skills.
  • I am skilled with weapons.
  • I am skilled in empty hand techniques.
  • I am calm in chaotic situation.
  • I will fight all out when necessary, and I will keep fighting as though I’m in them.

By using these methods and these positive commands, you can immediately create better and more positive focus and awareness.

This, in turn, will help you to stay on task and goal-oriented no matter what adversity you face.

This means that warrior meditation can benefit you now and in the future, no matter when and where you need it.

Warrior Meditation Is For Everyone!

Remember: Meditation can help anyone in a high-risk job or activity, anyone in competition, and anyone who needs to focus on heavy physical or mental activity.

The primary function of meditation is to help you achieve a calm, peaceful mind and a profoundly relaxed body.

Meditating also leaves you highly susceptible to giving yourself commands.

Do You Meditate? Do You Clear Your Mind Some Other Way?

Please Share Your Opinions Below Now…

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