MCS 165: When Violence Is The Answer With Tim Larkin

MCS 165: When Violence Is The Answer With Tim Larkin

Tim Larkin - When Violence Is The Answer
Tim Larkin’s New Book – When Violence Is The Answer

In Tim Larkin’s new book, When Violence Is The Answer, he forces you to understand the truth about what it takes to survive a real attack.

You see, for the “wolves” of our society, violence is a weapon they employ with supreme mastery

And when YOU become their target – on the street, in a parking lot, or in  your home – well, in Tim’s words…

“Violence is rarely the answer… but when it is, it’s the ONLY answer!”

So how do you master the “tool” of violence to defeat a bigger, faster, stronger, and more experienced criminal?

In this week’s broadcast, Tim offers some key mind-set and combatives tips from his latest book!

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • How the Average Joe’s & Jane’s understanding of “violence” is creating easy targets for society’s asocial predators! (Don’t fall into these same traps!)
  • The key difference between “social aggression” and “asocial violence”… and how it holds the secret to developing your kill-or-be-killed mindset!
  • Why criminals are actually SMARTER than you are… and how to attend their “school” so you can know what they know!
  • The first steps you MUST follow in order to “harden your mind” and take the fight to your enemy!
  • How throwing a football and stomping a soda can can help you master hand-to-hand combat without endless hours of practice or going broke!

To defeat your enemy, you must KNOW your enemy!

This week you’ll take the criminal’s primary weapon and discover how to use it against them!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Other “Weapons” Do Criminals Employ To Victimize Unwary Citizens?

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