WL 402 – Martial Arts "Weaknesses" (That Are Really Strengths)

WL 402 – Martial Arts “Weaknesses” (That Are Really Strengths)

Martial arts simply DO NOT WORK, which is why…

…Martial arts are critical to your self-defense training.

Wait, what?

It’s actually a weird contradiction, because a LOT of people say “that stuff doesn’t work,” even though…

…they’re actually going to rely on it when it matters most!

In this week’s podcast, Warriors, Buck Greene sits in to talk about several “weaknesses” of martial arts that are actually strengths… and why these can help you when you’re defending yourself “for real” in a street fight, mugging, or other attack.

WL 402: Martial Arts "Weaknesses" (That Are Really Strengths)


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Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • How guns beat martial arts every time… except when they DON’T!
  • The “instinctive” skill that training in a martial art will give you under stress.
  • The “forbidden technique” for street fighting that people use ALL THE TIME.
  • And much more!


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Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

Do You Agree Or Disagree? What Martial Art Or Combative System Do You Study?
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