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WL 413 – How To Hit Like A Sledgehammer

You’re going to hear a lot of people say that “size doesn’t matter” in a street fight.

But that’s easy to say…

…when you’re not eyeballs to chest with some giant mutant who’s ready to tear your head off.

This guy is going to pick you up like a rag doll and slam you into the ground, or worse.

…And that means not fighting back is NOT an option!

But how do you take on somebody that much bigger and stronger… and how do you develop enough power to hit him HARD, like a SLEDGEHAMMER?

In this week’s podcast, warriors, I talk to Tim Larkin of Target Focused Training about some strategies you can use to increase your striking power, no matter where you’re starting from!

If you want to know more about his Target Focused Training, Tim is putting on his first EVER live stream training event on August 17th and 18th! You’ll be able to tap into the devastatingly effectiveeasy-to-implement“Target Focus Training” system to protect yourself and your family from ANY violent threat… from the comfort of your own home.

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