Accidental Shooting Discovery Improves Your Knife Throwing

Accidental Shooting Discovery Improves Your Knife Throwing

They were preparing for World War II.

Rex Applegate simply didn’t understand what his Army instructors were teaching him.

It wasn’t that he was stupid… Rex simply thought his Army instructors were flat out WRONG in their shooting instruction!

Let me back up a second. Rex was a descendant of Charles Applegate, explorer and founder of the Applegate Trail in Oregon.

Rex grew up with his Uncle Gus. Good ‘ole Uncle Gus was a famed trick-shot artist and professional hunter.

Uncle Gus performed tricks that seemed right out of old Westerns.

He’d ride into the arena on his horse at a full gallop, controlling the stallion with his knees, six-shooter in each hand and he’d blast away at thrown bottles.

And he’d hit his target.

When he was younger, Rex would throw bricks into the air for Uncle Gus to hone his shooting accuracy.

When Rex started his shooting training in the Army he realized something.

Uncle Gus NEVER Fired His Gun The Same Way As The Army Instructors… Yet He Was More Accurate And Way Deadlier Than Those Same Instructors!

Shooting Trick Improves Knife Throwing Accuracy

Rex needed to know why Uncle Gus was so accurate compared to the best instructors in the US Army, while shooting a completely different way (more on that below).

While helping develop close quarter combat courses at Camp Ritchie in 1941, Rex was recruited by the famous “Wild Bill” Donovan for the OSS!

Wild Bill tasked Applegate with learning everything he could about armed and unarmed fighting for a school to be called…

“The School for Spies and Assassins”

Applegate’s work for the school brought him into contact with some very skilled, very dangerous people.

Among others this included a Finnish soldier who killed 21 Russians with a knife as well as David Stirling, the founder of the British SAS!

During all this Rex figured out why Uncle Gus was so accurate, even shooting from the hip, when compared to Applegate’s Army instructors.

Powerful Aiming Secret Discovered That Works For Shooting Guns And Throwing Knives

So what is it, already?

Instinctive aim. Or more simply put finger pointing.

Rex learned something amazing about people. They can quickly zone in on a target.

Try it out. Anything you glance at you can quickly “target” with your finger. It’s pretty impressive really.

Your eyes are wired with your finger.

This Core Targeting Discovery Reveals Incredible Truth About Knife-Throwing That Will Change How You Throw A Knife (And Make You More Accurate, Too!)

This technique works for throwing knives as well.

The “traditional” or “competitive” style of knife-throwing works great in artificial conditions. It’s inherently flawed for combat.

For a typical spinning knife toss, both the thrower and the target need to be stationary, and stay that way, or you won’t “stick” your target.

With the no-spin style, you take advantage of that neurological wiring between your eyes and your fingers.

You can also throw a variety of knives, screwdrivers, nails, or anything similar.

Start out standing close enough to your target that you can almost reach out and touch it. This way, you won’t try to overthrow with too much power. This is a surefire way to mess up.

No-Spin Knife Throwing Step By Step

With No-Spin You Can Throw ANY Knife

1. Take a light grip on the knife with your index finger straight up.

2. Take your arm and extend it high and back over your head.

3. Lead forward with your elbow (not your hand).

4. When your hand passes your ear and the knife (and index finger) is still pointed straight up, release the knife.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you pick up this technique. As you get better, you can take a step back and repeat the process.

Over time, you’ll be throwing your knife, no-spin style, from much further distances.

Eventually, you’ll even be throwing accurately on the move!

(By the way… if you’re having trouble visualizing that step by step and want to try your hand at ‘No-Spin’ Combat Knife-Throwing, I have a free video to show you just how EASY it is to throw ANY knife the “no-spin” way…)

In a life-or-death attack, you just might need to rely on a thrown knife, or other weapon, to gain the upper hand.

Have You Tried Your Hand At Knife-Throwing Yet?
What Tips, Tricks & Tactics Have You Learned?

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