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FEMA’s F’ed Up Plans

katrina_superdomeOk, this is gonna come as a shocker for you, but…

…I actually LOVE “FEMA camps”!

Yes, I know that every underground conspiracy blogger says that they’re “evil concentration camps” for when the New World Order comes to enslave American Citizens who they deem “a threat”.

But I have a different take on things, so hear me out…

You see, in our free survival gear guide, we talk about the “5 Collapse Triggers” that are right now poised to change life as we know it.

(This isn’t based on some conspiracy mumbo-jumbo – we go over the true facts and the 5 current threats most people are completely unaware of that could happen at any moment.  See for yourself here.)

When any one of these five events are triggered, the result will be cities jam-packed with hungry, desperate, panicked citizens with no place to go and no food or shelter for their loved ones.

In reality, 95% of the population isn’t prepared – not even a little bit – to deal with sustaining themselves should one of these triggers take place.

You know this… I know this… and yes, even our government knows this to be a fact and is already preparing for wide-scale response plan to “protect” our citizens.

But if that’s true, then why do the FEMA camps currently in existence (and the building plans for others) look more like “detention centers” than “aid centers”?

Club FEMA:  Paradise For The Unprepared?

Shelter from disaster… a nice warm cot and blankie… all the food you can eat… what’s not to love, right?

Well, not so fast there Sparky…

I know we’d all like to think that hard times bring out the best in people, but I’m afraid that this isn’t necessarily true – especially when people are hungry, desperate and local law enforcement is strained beyond capacity.

In fact, at the FEMA relief center during Hurricane Katrina there were reports of theft… assaults… rapes… and even a group of thugs “taking control” over food and supplies– all taking place at this “safe-haven” for fellow citizens.

And this is the REAL reason why the government has already begun creating camps that look an awful lot like prison yards – not just for housing the “unprepared”… but also for detaining the ones that flip out and could threaten a riot.

So why do I “love” FEMA Camps?

Well, when the sh*t hits the fan, do YOU really want your neighborhood to be littered with looters, thugs, and unprepared neighbors knocking at your door, begging for (demanding!) the food you’ve stored away for your own family?

I sure don’t.

Let the unprepared “zombies” check into “Camp FEMA” so they can get government cheese instead of your supplies … let the hooligans get rounded up and put into detention pens so they can’t attack or loot your home… and YOU take care of those you love and are counting on you to protect them during the crisis.

But to do that, you have to take some very specific steps (right now), so here’s…

Your 3-Step Camp FEMA “Evasion Plan”

It all comes down to “self-reliance” my friend.

In other words, if you don’t NEED any help from FEMA, there’s no need to check in at their facility, right?

Here’s what you need to know…

  1. DON’T Follow FEMA’s “template”FEMA’s master survival kit plan suggests you plan for 72 hours of food and water as a baseline… yet history shows us that disasters can last as long as weeks (or longer in a total “collapse”).  Without long-term supplies, you’ll be begging at the gates to be let in with the other FEMA residents.


  2. Keep Your Supplies/Gear A Secret 

    You already know that your neighbors (and even most friends) have no intention of preparing for future disaster.  But if they know that YOU are, where do you think they’re going to go when they’re hungry and realize they need to feed and protect their family?  Don’t brag about your preps! 

  3. Have A “7 Layer” Survival Gear Plan 

    Ok, this is critical – and yet most people (even “experts”) don’t do this correctly… 

    You see, most survival kits only plan for certain “phases” of a disaster while completely ignoring other areas that could pose an even more serious threat to you and your family.  For this reason, it’s critical that you “layer” your survival gear plan to avoid being caught unprepared for an unpredictable crisis. 

    The details are too long to go into but you can click here for a free copy of my personal “survival gear blueprint”. 

    Inside, you’ll see exactly what areas to prepare for as well as details of the 5 “collapse triggers” you need to be looking at right now.Nothing to buy… just my gift to you.


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