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2 Teens Learn Deadly “Survival Lesson” In Maine Wilderness!

I’m not trying to make you “paranoid”, but…

… we are at all times just moments away from death!

Sure, you could get hit by a car… attacked in a parking lot by a criminal… or picked up by a tornado and plopped down in Oz, forced to battle green witches and flying monkeys.

But sometimes, it’s caused by simply not being ready for a scenario as simple as a “wrong turn that becomes a deadly battle against Mother Nature for survival.

Two teens from Maine learned this the hard way, and their near-death experience offers a valuable lesson on how to be prepared for the “unexpected”…

Two Teens Face A Deadly Night Lost In The Wilderness – But Luck Was On Their Side…

It was mid-afternoon when 15-year-olds Tyler Gotto and Jonah May took off on their snowmobile for a ride out into the Maine wilderness near Portland.

Gotto was pretty familiar with the area, having grown up near there, and perhaps got a little overconfident in his ability to navigate the trails.

When the landscape started looking more and more unfamiliar and the trails disappeared, the boys realized that they must have taken a wrong turn along the way.

Over 15 miles from where they began, they were in fresh snow, when suddenly their snowmobile sunk like a rock.
With sunset quickly approaching, hypothermia was a real threat.

Temperatures in the Maine wilderness reached -12° that night, and had the boys not gotten extremely lucky, they would have certainly perished.

Fortunately for them, they came upon an old storage shed with gasoline to build a fire and kept warm throughout the frigid night until they could make it back the next day to their worried families.

To their credit, the boys remained calm and survived the night, huddled up in the shed with a fire.

But let’s face it…

Had they not randomly run across this shack, they most certainly would be dead.

Will YOU Count On “Luck” In A Survival Scenario? 

Or Would You Rather Be Truly “Prepared“…

You and I both know that – as “prepared citizens” – you must always be ready for the worst-case scenario.

Of course, you should always have a way to start a fire to stay warm (and I’m talking about having this gear on you at all times).

But sometimes (like in high-winds, a blizzard or freezing rain) you could die of hypothermia before you can ever get a fire blazing …if you even CAN get it started!

That’s why I always suggest carrying a TACT Bivvy “survival sleeping bag” with you.

You never know when your peaceful afternoon hiking, hunting, camping, or doing any other outdoor activity can turn deadly from exposure to bad weather after making a simple wrong turn.

The TACT Bivvy is so small and lightweight that you can (and should) have one in every glove box of every vehicle you own… there should be one in every bugout bag you own… and you should pack one with you in a “day pack” whenever you go on an outdoor trip.

Look, sometimes you get lucky and there’s a nice snuggly storage shed out there waiting for you.

But Mother Nature doesn’t typically set out shacks and gasoline for your comfort.

You need to be able to provide your own shelter against the elements and something as simple as a TACT Bivvy survival sleeping bag is a must-have for any prepared person who doesn’t want to rely on luck to come home safely to their family.

What Other Survival Strategies Would Have Helped These Teens?

Please Share Your Best Wilderness Survival Tips Below Now…

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