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3 “Bug-Out Survival Camp” Tips For Forced Evacuations

“72 hours”!

That’s how long most survival “experts” say you need to plan for supplies inside your bug-out bag if you’re ever forced to evacuate your home and make your way to safety.

Hopefully that means you can have your bag in your vehicle… but as we know, in any crisis, gas pumps don’t work without electricity and any available will be quickly sucked up by everyone looking to get out of Dodge.

The end-result will be highways filled with “dead” cars and your only hope will be you… your family… your wits… and your bug-out bag to get you to safety.

But while all the survival gurus talk about “gear”, most don’t pay attention to what to do when you need to rest along your evacuation route, so…

Here Are 3 “Bug-Out Survival Camp” Tips I Use For Forced Evacuations…

Bugout Survival Camp Tips

1. Beware Your #1 Threat…

You and I both know that everyone around you will be unprepared for the crisis we face.

Very quickly, even the most “civilized” citizen will begin to freak out without food, water, or shelter.

That makes “people” your #1 threat.

Without a single survival skill under their belt, you’ll see people wandering through forests and rural areas in search of water and anything they can eat.

Your goal is to be as “covert” and hidden as possible.

So when it’s time to find a place to stop for the night, the harder it is to access your spot, the safer you’ll be.

Look for thick growth areas away from water sources that could bring the “enemy” your way.

People will take the path of least resistance so they’ll avoid overgrown areas – and you can easily hear them coming if they’re stumbling around.

2. You’re NOT “Camping” – So Skip The Tent

I never use a tent (even when I’m camping with my son).

Tents are too heavy… take too long to put up and take down… and they’re hardly “covert”.

Instead, use a military-grade poncho with a couple of bungee cords.

Goes up in a matter of 1-2 minutes… and comes down even faster if you need to quickly hightail it out of the area.

3.  My #1 Bug-Out Sleeping Secret

Sleeping bags are another one of those typical “survival gear” items that newbies and fake experts recommend you pack in your bag.

Big mistake.

These bags take up way too much room and add unnecessary weight to what you need to carry – and I never use them.

Instead, I have a tiny pouch that has a TACT Bivvy inside it.

It’s so small that it weighs nothing… fits in the same pouch as my poncho shelter… and yet keeps me warm all night long.

True story: When I recently gave a talk at the national Self-Reliance Expo on bugging out and demo’d this cool item, the #1 question I was asked was…

“Where can I get one of those cool bug-out sleeping bags?!”

I actually recommend you pick up a few of them because you need one per family member or anyone else you plan on protecting.

(Note: You can get a special deal on the TACT Bivvy at this website that includes a discount and free shipping option.)

Plus, one TACT Bivvy will last you about 4-7 days (just long enough to get to safety) so I also suggest you get a couple extra to “test out” ahead of time on a camping trip or something so you can prove to yourself how well they work and how to get the most out of them.

Consider these 3 bug-out camp hacks in your own evacuation plan and follow our “covert” survival gear guidelines we lay out for you here.

You’ll be way ahead of the unprepared “zombies” roaming around the disaster zone.

What Other Bug-Out Survival “Camp” Precautions Do You Take?

Please Share Your Tips Below Now…

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