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Here’s What A Collapse REALLY Looks Like (And 3 Tips To Get Out Of Dodge FAST!)

I’d like to think that we live in a “civilized” society.

I’d like to think that if we ever experienced a true “lights out”, balloon-goes-up collapse that you and I could rely on our fellow citizens to all pitch in and help everyone get past the hard times.

I know better.

If you want a good look at what to expect after infrastructure is down for more than 2 weeks, take a journey back to just 1998 in the Indonesian riots…

Here’s What Collapse REALLY Looks Like…

…And How To Escape It Fast!

Bug Out Survival During Riots

With the country in complete melt-down over food shortages and mass unemployment, you couldn’t get more than a couple of blocks without being stopped by thugs with knives and clubs looking to take your stuff while the police and military scrambled to keep order.

Here in the U.S. where so many citizens own a gun, you can expect a potential “Old West” style mentality where every trigger-happy neighbor will guard their belongings to the death as the world crumbles around them.

Trust me…

I’ve seen it first hand in 3rd world countries while in the military, what happens when there’s a lack of food and water… no infrastructure… and no consequences for your actions.

When you notice the true signs of collapse, that’s your signal to get out of Dodge… fast!

Unfortunately, most people are ill-prepared to bug-out at a moment’s notice – especially during a period of civil unrest where looters, thugs and anarchists could target you and your family.

Here Are 3 “Bug-Out Tactics” For When Things Get Bad (REALLY Bad)…

  1. Pre-plan a secondary “safe house” that’s farther than 25 and less than 75 miles away from your home. That’s just far enough to typically escape your danger area, but close enough you could make it there in 3 days even if you’re on foot. Consider family and friends in this range.
  2. Stay off the main roads. Avoid checkpoints (military, LE, thugs) by using railroad tracks, bike paths, hiking trails, and power line paths. Depending on whether you have a convenient river near you, you could even bug out using a canoe or kayak.
  3. Pack your bug out bag as lightly as possible. Most people try to pack in everything they can. After just 5 miles, you’ll see the error in your ways. My advanced bug-out bag system shows you how to achieve an ultralight evac kit that’s based on real emergency and combat experience.

Here’s my personal bug-out bag checklist…

While your home may often be the safest place to be after a disaster, you can’t be blind to the threats that may arise.

Humans in desperation are the most dangerous animals on the planet.

Have your bug-out plan ready for action and consider these strategies now for your full protection.

Editor’s Note: I can’t stress enough how important Tip #3 is above. In my days of being in the 10th Mountain Division, I can tell you that this is the biggest downfall most “newbies” make when it comes to planning their evacuation. Follow this rule as if your life depends on it. It just may someday.

What Other Tips Do You Have To Escape & Evade The Chaos?

Share Your Best Advice Below…

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