3 DUMB Myths About "Survival Caching" (You Shouldn't Believe)

3 DUMB Myths About “Survival Caching”

There are a LOT of dumb myths when it comes to “survival caching”…

Survival Caching Myths

…But the worst ones can be boiled down into just 3 big ones that I see repeated over and over again.

Myth #1: Caches Are Just For Doomsday Preppers

The main reason for “caching” your supplies — securing them in hidden locations, maybe even buried along a bugout route or somewhere else — is so that all your eggs aren’t in one basket.

You’ve got to think of it as an insurance policy.

If all your stockpiled supplies are in one place, they could be stolen, they could be destroyed, or they could even be confiscated.

Mark Twain famously said, “Put all your eggs in one basket… and watch that basket.”

For survival, though, we need to do the OPPOSITE of that.

That means that survival caching isn’t for “doomsday extremists.”

It’s for EVERYBODY who wants to safeguard their supplies.

Myth #2: I Don’t Need A Cache (Nobody Is Gonna Take My Stuff)

You may think your stuff is safe, or that it’s guarded by the baddest man in the whole danged town (yourself)… but thinking that way overlooks a LOT of important reasons to cache.

We can break down caching into 3 categories, and here are the reasons each of them matter:

Caches That Help Get You To Safety (Fuel, Escape and Evasion, etc.)

In a bugout, time is of the essence and you may not be able to grab all your stuff.

(If there’s power, gas stations will be lined with angry people grabbing what they can.)

Highways become parking lots without fuel.

A cache that helps you get to safety, therefore, can be absolutely CRITICAL to getting you out of danger.

Caches That KEEP You Safe (Basic Supplies)

If your home is destroyed, taking your stockpile along with it, or if you’re forced to bug out or evacuate because of a natural disaster, you’re limited to only what you can carry with you.

Having cached food, water filtration, and other essentials somewhere else (especially along your evac route) will make sure you have at least SOME supplies to help you regroup.

Again, you don’t want to keep all your “eggs” in one basket, and the more cached supplies you have, the better off you will be.

Caches That HIDE Stuff You Don’t Want Found/Stolen/Confiscated (Guns, Money)

We all have valuables we wouldn’t want taken from us, right?

If you lost everything, where are your backups?

An ATM or bank is a no-go in a crisis, so the only money you’ll have is what you have on you.

First-responders can’t take care of you, either, so you’ll also need weapons (another valuable item), especially to defend against rioters, looters, and roving gangs of predators.

Remember, even your secret hiding locations can be found (even by accident).

The only valuables you may be able to keep are the ones you’ve buried/cached, depending on the emergency.

Myth #3: Caching Is Too Hard For Me, Anyway

Okay: We’ve destroyed the myth that caching is just for the “weirdos” (it’s for every survivalist who wants to safeguard his or her stockpiles) and that nobody is going to take your stuff (there are lots of ways you and your stockpiles can be separated).

Let’s take on the worst, third myth — that caching is just “too hard.”

It’s actually anything but.

Caching containers are available to buy, but you can even make simple ones yourself.

You do have to safeguard things and pick the right stuff, though — you can’t just stick money, guns, ammo, and food into a bucket and bury it.

There are TONS of free resources online that explain how to keep stuff safe for long-term storage, even in buried containers.

(And yes, there are lots of plans online for how to make your own caching containers.)

So, is it “too hard” to do a few Internet searches and put together some simple supplies?

No, it absolutely isn’t — and with our world getting more dangerous than ever, you have more reasons now than ever before to start caching.

Don’t wait.

Don’t put this off.

The time to get prepared, and to start caching, is NOW, while you have a little time to do it.

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