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3 (More) Weird Wilderness Survival Fire Starting Hacks

Every prepper knows that of all the skills you need to master for wilderness survival, fire-starting is right up there at the top.

Being able to get a blazing fire started is the key to warmth, dry clothes, hot food, and an uplifted mood to get you through.

But anyone who’s ever tried to build a fire under extreme survival conditions knows that it’s not as easy as it seems, so…

Here Are 3 (More) Weird Wilderness Survival Fire Starting Hacks…
Wilderness Survival Fire-Starting Tricks

Ok, the key to getting a fire to light is to make sure you have super-combustible tinder.

Tinder is the “starter” material you use and these 3 weird fire-starting hacks will help get you from a spark to a blazing fire in no time flat…

Wilderness Survival Fire-Starting Hack #1: Tampons

It seems that women have been keeping a lot of good survival gear under wraps . . . and below their sink.

Tampons have several survival uses, but one of the most important is their use as combustible material to start a fire.
Be sure to pick an all-cotton tampon in a waterproof wrapper, (such as o.b. tampons) because some tampon varieties use various “wicking” materials that are probably great for their commercial purpose, but aren’t nearly as combustible as plain old cotton.

Extract the tampon, tear off a fingertip-sized piece, and use just that small portion for tinder.

You can get five or six good bits of tinder out of a single tampon if you’re careful.

Wilderness Survival Fire-Starting Hack #2: Pencil Sharpener

Pencil sharpeners are practically weightless, and they can create thin, combustible tinder out of small twigs in no time.

The shavings will light quickly and help start the bigger twigs you pile on top.

Just make sure you get a small metal pencil sharpener instead of one of those cheap plastic ones that will break very quickly.

Wilderness Survival Fire-Starting Hack #3: Cow Dung

Pioneers along the Oregon Trail used it to light their fire pits, and it got them all the way across the country – it’ll get you through a few tough nights.

You see, cows are vegetarians, and their dried dung isn’t foul-smelling at all.

You’re looking for dried dung that will crumble when you crack it open.

Layer the patties with dried grass and other tinder in a fire pit to create a quick-burning fuel source.

Now naturally, you need a way to light all these tinder options – but I’m not going to suggest you rub two sticks together.

A simple lighter is more reliable and easy to include in your bug-out bag.

The problem is, as any smoker will tell you – those cheap Bic lighters run out of fuel VERY quickly.

Instead, I highly suggest you pick up this tiny pocket “survival lighter” with up to 15,000 uses.

You can get them for free when you flip for the small shipping charge and I got several of them so I could keep a couple in my car, my bugout bag, EDC kit, etc.

They really are THE best method for getting a fire started.

In addition to a bit of tinder, of course.

What Other Wilderness Survival Fire Starting Tricks Do You Know?

Please Share Your Tips Below Now…

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