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“Screw The Tear Gas!” Here Are 3 Riot Control Gizmos Coming Soon To A Police State Near You

They call it an “active denial system”.

Some systems use electromagnetic waves to “humanely deter” everyone from enemy forces to political protesters.

Ask anyone who has felt what one of these do to the human body.

I’m told it’s a lot like being set on fire.

Using military “electromagnetic technology”, local police who hate all that cleanup after those messy protests will now be able to simply fry you like a human Hot Pocket.

But there’s more…

3 Military Riot Control Gizmos You’ll Face In A Collapse

LRAD riot control

1. “Pain Ray”

Unlike a microwave, the new “Pain Ray” fries your skin to the point of second degree burns – and you feel it.

It’s been around for a couple of years now and is being planned for keeping large crowds away from a secure area.

Most likely these will be lined up together with others because once you get past the wall and behind the emitting devices, you’re cool (literally).

2. Sound Cannon

The ultra-powerful beam of sound pumps out from the device and keeps people more than 80 feet away.

One such device, the LRAD system (for Long Range Acoustic Device), was used to disperse a protest in Detroit recently.

You may have heard that the city, which is crumbling from poverty and mismanagement, has had to shut off water to its poorest residents, and they’re not happy about it.

Think about how easily this could become a full-on riot following a wide-scale disaster like a power-grid shutdown that leaves giant chunks of our country in the dark and without food or water resupply.

3. Purple Water Cannon

You’ve seen water cannons being used in London and around the world.

Well now they’re adding purple die so they can go door-to-door and round up any pigmented perpetrators who are now tagged (literally) as a threat.

And yes… police are authorized to go door-to-door.

Are The U.S. Gov’t And Local Police
Preparing For Wide-Scale Panic?

The industrial military complex is hard at work in developing more humane methods of riot control because… well… there’s a butt-load of money in it for one.

But also… everyone knows that things are heating up not just around the globe… but that even the U.S. is ripe for a wide-scale breakdown.

And survivalists who understand the reality of social chaos after a collapse know that when a protest or a riot breaks out, law enforcement and military personnel can’t tell the “good guys” from the “bad guys.”

Everyone is part of the crowd to them, and anyone who gets anywhere near them is going to be in DANGER.

And if you happen to be one of the purple-tinted, sun-burned, bystanders wearing earplugs, you could get rounded up – just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Don’t wait until you’re deaf and blind or your skin feels like it’s on fire to get informed about how to survive a riot and evade martial law.

As I always say… if the government, police, and military are prepping for social chaos… shouldn’t you?

Ok, Let’s Talk Tactics…

Other Than Sunblock SPF 5,000 – What Are Some Ways To Defeat Riot Control Weapons?

Share Your Creative Strategies Below…

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