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Collapse Survival Bartering: 3 “Micro-Items” To Hoard NOW!

Last year, I held a special private workshop on “survival bartering” after a collapsed economy scenario.

About 250 people attended and we discussed real-world examples of how you can trade goods and services after a collapse where “regular” money no longer has any value.

Most people had questions about to what kinds of items to store that could be useful bartering items trade with people for food, water, or other things you might need to survive.

One of the best tips I thought came out of our discussion was to stock up on “micro-currency” items that are small, easy to carry, and yet can have great value to those in need.

Here How To Stock Up On Now For “Survival Bartering”…

Survival Bartering Secrets

1. Instant Coffee Packets

I admit it… I’m a “java junkie”.

I loves me some fresh-brewed coffee in the morning and just the smell of it brewing warms the cockles of my heart and jumpstarts my day.

I’m not alone… and some instant coffee packets will be a welcome relief to others when the store shelves are empty of java juice.

2. Pocket Knives

Not the expensive ones… but the cheap, small folders you can pick up at the local truckstop for a couple of bucks.

Every survivalist knows that a knife is something you MUST have on you at all times… but most people out there do NOT know that.

But they’ll need one after a collapse… and yours will be a hot item for trading!

3. Fire!

This is absolutely THE best trading item I know of (in fact, TV star “Survivorman” once told me that the ability to make a fire is his #1 most critical skill in real survival scenarios).

Disposable lighters come in various sizes (even micro-size) and people will need these for cooking, warming themselves, or even just for soothing the soul.

Lighters will be like REAL money after a collapse – but they also run out of fuel pretty fast and then they’re useless.

A much better option is to offer someone a firestarter and this tiny “survival lighter” lights up to 15,000 times.

These lighters are actually FREE and they’re like “hot gold” because you’re trading a LOT of fire so you can negotiate a MUCH better deal for more food for your family (or whatever else you may need).

I have a bunch of these packed away at home and in my bugout bag (they’re free but you have to buy each individually at their website here…)

Yes, it’s sort of wonky to order each free lighter individually but trust me, it’s WELL worth it because they’re so tiny and yet have SOOOOOO much value from a bartering standpoint!

What Other “Micro-Items” Are Best For Survival Bartering?

Please Share Your Best Barter Items List Below Now…

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