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Bug-Out Survival: 4 Screw-Ups Even Experienced Preppers Make!

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

Let’s be honest: A lot of preppers think that bugging out will look like something out of Mad  Max… and THEY’LL be the heroes.

Well, the sad reality is that many preppers make a LOT of mistakes when moving from Point A to Point B in an emergency.

This isn’t like the movies…

…and if you screw up during high-threat vehicles ops in an emergency, you and your family could pay for it with your lives.

For that reason, you need to face the 4 biggest mistakes you and others like you might make during a survival crisis.

Bug-Out Survival: 4 Screw-Ups Even Experienced Preppers Make!

4 Doomsday Prepper Bugout Survival Mistakes
4 Doomsday Prepper Bugout Survival Mistakes

Without a doubt, the first mistake that preppers make when it come to bugging out is the most obvious…

1. Screwing Up The “Stay Or Go” Question

When it comes to survival, a lot of people INSTINCTIVELY want to bug out.

They’ve been putting together bug-out gear for just this moment for so long that they can practically taste it.

It makes intuitive sense to want to get out of Dodge when things go bad.

But if you bug out when you don’t really need to, you put yourself in a poor strategic position as far as long-term survival.

You put yourself out into that threat environment instead of home, “in the rear with your gear,” as they used to say in the military.

Whenever possible, you don’t want to bug out at ALL, because you’re only putting yourself in a more dangerous environment with only a small fraction of the supplies you’ve stockpiled.

2. It’s Time To Leave… But Where To Go?

Another way that preppers screw up the “stay or go” question is one you’ve heard me harp on before:

They don’t have a place to go TO when it come time to bug out.

If you just become a fleeing refugee, you’re going to be competing with all the other people out there clogging the roads and looking to survive.

You have to have a location in mind if you’re going to flee — preferably one where you have ALSO stockpiled supplies.

3. Failure To Rehearse

When it comes to bugging out, you have to have planned rehearsals.

You can’t just jump in the car or grab your backpack and walking stick and go.

If you think that you might end up in a situation where you’re going to have to bug out from your house to another location, whether that be a specific bug out retreat or a relative’s house, or some place that you’re going to go because your home location has become untenable, then you’re going to have to plan that in advance.

You’re going to have look at routes.

You may have to mitigate a threat when you’re moving.

You need to rehearse the move and do some drills, in case you get into trouble.

You’re going to have to time it, too.

Because if everybody’s on the road, and YOU get on the road, then you’re just going to be stuck in a traffic jam.

If you can arrange for advance warning, that is critical too.

If you can, make a call to move ahead of the rush.

Or you can develop  kind of partial plan, where you stay a little bit at home and then move after the rush is over.

There is judgment involved in all of that, and rehearsal with your family or survival group is critical.

4. Adopting The Wrong “Posture”

The final thing I think a lot of people make a mistake with is the profile, or what you might call POSTURE, that they adopt.

I think a lot of people, when they talk about these kind of end of the world type scenarios, these disasters, they automatically go to Mad Max.

They think they’re going to be driving around sticking out of sunroofs with firearms, or guns sticking out of windows like a Baghdad taxi.

You’ve got to adopt your posture or profile to the situation.

You might not have a full breakdown, and therefore you might be drawing a lot of attention to yourself if you get too aggressive.

There may still be authorities out there who are running checkpoints.

So you need to adopt a reasonable posture.

Consider all three of these critical mistakes, think through them, and plan for a collapse.

The preparation you do now will save your bacon later.

What Is Your Bug-Out Plan? What Equipment Do You Have Ready To Go?

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