5 Urban Survival Tips From Modern Combat & Survival Readers

MCS Podcast 52: Reader Tips For Urban Survival!


This is our 52nd Modern Combat & Survival podcast episode, marking one full year of an amazing journey that has pulled together the best tactical network on the planet with one goal…

… help our listeners become a better “protector and patriot”!

Did we accomplish our mission?

Judging from all the 5 ***** ratings on our iTunes channel, I’d say so.

And what better way to celebrate our 1-year anniversary than to share some more tips submitted by our podcast listeners and our blog, magazine, and facebook fans and readers?

5 Best Tips From Our Readers On Urban Survival

Urban Survival Tips

Here’s what awaits you in this week’s episode…

  • Larry (Royal Palm Beach, FL) shared his “top 2” favorite survival manuals (one is even PERFECT if you have kids!)
  • Mike B. (Bonner Springs, KS) is a retired police officer with a very realistic look at what you can expect from your local cops in a SHTF collapse! (Straight from the horse’s mouth my friends.)
  • David R. (Tempe, AZ) gives a step-by-step “do-it-yourself power” solution that hijacks a little-known electricity resource very close to you!
  • David R. jumps back in with a second tip (this is why he’s one of my all-time favorite followers! The guy knows his $#@&!).  This time, Dave builds on one of my own “escape & evasion” tips and really takes things to the next level!
  • Derrick D. (Jacksonville, FL) lays out a foundational survival tip that (surprisingly!) even experienced survivalists lose sight of.  It bears repeating… and repeating… and REPEATING!

Keep the tips coming folks!  If we use your tactic in our magazine, blog, or podcast, you’ll land some serious survival swag as our “thank you”!

What Do You Think About These Reader Tips?

Please Share Your Own Tips Here…

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