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5 Ways To Hide Your Guns And Protect Your 2nd Amendment Rights During Martial Law

This isn’t meant to start an argument…

But with as much reliance as many have with using firearms for protection during a disaster or “collapse” scenario…

…what if your guns were taken away from you!

It’s happened before.

During Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, authorities went door-to-door confiscating weapons to “maintain law and order”.

Now, without getting into your “rights”, if your gut tells you that you’re going to fight off a squad of automatic-armed Marines, let me be the first to tell you…you’ll lose that fight.

And you can’t protect your family from roving bands of zombie looters if you’re in the slammer for resisting the government, right?

Here Are 5 Tips To Hide Your Guns During A Martial Law Scenario…

How To Hide Your Gun

1. Hide high!

Ninjas would literally perch themselves directly above a door and were never seen because, when you think about it, we’re all focused on our “horizontal surroundings”, but no one ever thinks to LOOK UP!

Secure a magnetic gun holder inside of a closet (like your coat closet near the front door) just above the door frame or behind a curtain near your front door.

Attach your handgun to the magnetic holder and most likely no one will ever even think to look there.

Searchers aren’t likely to expend the time or effort to do a thorough search, especially if you follow these other tips…

2. Own a “decoy” gun.

Buy a piece of $#%& firearm for as little money as possible.  This can be used as a “decoy” gun that can be given up willingly during a martial law confiscation.

Law enforcement and military may have a registry of firearm owners anyway and lying to them will only draw unnecessary attention.

3. Comply and complain.

When you hand your decoy over to the military men at your door, turn the tables on them by angrily interrogating the person in charge.

Why are you taking my ONLY gun?“… “But how am I going to protect myself now that I’m UNARMED?”… “It’s the only gun I have! WHEN am I gonna get it back?”

These types of questions act as a “Jedi mind-trick” to hypnotize the searchers that this really is the only weapon you have.

Plus, no one likes a complainer.

As long as they think you’re complying with their order, they may not feel a need to search for other weapons and will move on to another home that isn’t inhabited by a “whiner” like you.

4. Report it “stolen”.

During periods of civil breakdown and looting, it’s not uncommon for someone to be relieved of their posessions.

If things are looking dark, you might report a treasured weapon “stolen” to get it off your books.

Please note that this is totally “illegal” – and I’m only even mentioning this for times where the S has REALLY HTF.

There’s a better “legal” way to do it though…

5.  Build a “ghost gun”.

It’s possible to actually build your own AR-15 that doesn’t need to be registered.

It’s not as hard as you may think and I know lots of people who have done this using plans from this website.

Ok, these are just a few tips to help you get your game-plan together NOW for preparing for a possible “collapse” scenario in which there’s a partial (or total!) meltdown in civil order.

Having a battle plan for dealing with riots… looters… and even military and law enforcement during social chaos is one of the most critical elements of survival.

Just as important as stocking up on food and water!

Know how to deal with the violence that accompanies a disaster or crisis… and NEVER be unarmed!

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