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If These Guys Did This To You, Would YOU Draw Your Weapon To Protect Yourself?

You’re a guy walking with your wife in the city and you hesitantly walk past a group of “questionable” characters.

You walk to the other side of the street and they’re cat-calling after you about how your wife needs to get to know some “real men”.

You try to ignore them but your wife is glaring at you – wondering if you’ll defend her honor.

As your wife sits down in the passenger seat, offended, you begin to open your car door and tell the laughing douchebags “Very funny. You’re real mature.”

The men turn to cross the street and approach your car when one says…

…”Yeah, You better get your ass in that car,
or we’re going to kill you both!”

You’re concealed handgun sits at your hip.

Would you draw your weapon?

Multiple Attackers

It may seem like a clear case of a “lethal threat” and you’d be justified to respond with force… but as sad as it may seem, you’re most likely NOT justified in using force in this scenario… even if they’re trying to get into your car!

You see, as we reveal in this video, the law REQUIRES you to avoid confrontation if you can.

If a district attorney, the prosecutor, can show that you could have avoided the altercation altogether by not mouthing off… and simply getting into your car… locking the doors… and driving away… it weakens your self-defense claim dramatically.

In this scenario, unless your aggressors pulled a gun, their threat wasn’t necessarily what the court calls “actionable”.

You’re in a car.  They’re on foot.

You have a tremendous defensive advantage in that situation because you’re both protected by the vehicle and capable of making a rapid escape from the threat.

Sucks… but it’s true my friend.

Would YOU Pass A Jury’s Test?

Look, if you said, “Yes, I’d draw my weapon!”, don’t worry… you’re not alone.

A lot of citizens have thought they were legally justified in using a gun to protect themselves, but in the eyes of a jury, they were not.

Remember, as we say in this video, you do not have to COMMIT a crime in order to be CONVICTED of a crime.

To avoid making a legal mistake that sends you to prison and separates you from your family, you need to know your rights.

But just as importantly, you also need to know your ATTACKER’S legal rights (as strange as that sounds) in order to avoid being found guilty of violating those while you protected yourself and those you love.

It’s a crazy world, ain’t it?


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