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Affordable Ways To Stock Up On Survival Food And Supplies For Only $2.50 A Day!

As the continued warning signs of a collapse unfold, more and more people are waking up to the realization that NOW is the time to prepare.

Unfortunately, a lot of the survival gear and supplies people need can seem overly expensive when you start breaking out the calculator.

Add to that the on-going economic troubles of our economy and it could be keeping some people from preparing as much as they need to.

Maybe it’s even keeping YOU from completing your preps?

Well, here’s my…

Super-Duper Cheapo Way To Stockpile Survival
Food And Supplies For Only $2.50 A Day!

Survival Food Storage For Survive In Place

That’s right… for less than the cost of a Starbucks Mocha Latte, you can make sure you and your family will have what you need in a “lights-out” disaster.

Basically for $2.50 a day, that’s an extra $75 per month “survival budget”, right?

Well, here’s how I would spend it…

Survival Water Planning For A Disaster

The key isn’t to spend money or waste valuable storage space with bottled water, but instead have a way of “manufacturing” clean, drinkable water.

Get a “Survival Straw” or other filter that will transform tainted water you can “find” and turn it into clean, drinkable water.

(Cost: $20 for one)

Survive In Place Food Hoarding

Canned goods take up a lot of room and you can’t take them with you very easily if you need to bug-out.

I’ve stocked up on stackable survival food kits I can use at home or on the road if I need to evacuate and rather than eating can after can of baked beans and tuna fish, I feast on Potato Soup, Cheesy Chicken & Rice, and Hearty Chili (plus desserts).

(Cost: $27 for emergency supply)

Emergency Survival Fuel Plan

When you have no choice but to evacuate, there’s absolutely one thing you can count on… gas stations are NOT going to be an option for you.

They’ll either be emptied by the mobs who are gassing up to join the other masses on the roadways or they’ll be waiting in line for resupply because they waited too long.

I know you’re supposed to always have your tank filled up half way “just in case”, but honestly… are you doing that?

Have 10 gallons of gas stored away with stabilizer added (should last you up to a year) so you can fill up or bring it with you and be one of the only ones actually able to make it out of the danger zone.

(Cost: $35)

As you can see, in just one month, you can handle a lot of your survival needs to sleep easy at night.

Yet so many people use “expense” as an excuse to not prepare.

When a disaster strikes and you’re left to fend for yourself to protect your family and keep them alive, do you really think they want to hear your excuses about “expense”?

Their lives are worth much more than an excuse and as you can see, for just a small investment, you can do a lot to get ready.

What Are Some Other Survival Gear “Budget Hacks” You’ve Found?

Please Share Your Tips Below Now…

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