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They Were Some Of The First “Preppers” – But They Fought For Something More Than Just Survival

When you think of how you’d survive TEOTWAWKI, you probaby think of things like stockpiling supplies… getting “off the grid”… gathering weapons and ammo… building your bug-out bag… starting a garden…etc.

While all of these survival skills have become more and more important to those of us who notice the warning signs of a coming collapse, for our nation’s first settlers these were daily necessities for protecting and sustaining their families.

And planted the seeds for something even bigger…

Paul Revere The Prepper

Beyond day-to-day protection from the elements, starvation, and “enemy” attacks and raids, they weren’t merely preparing for survival – the early American colonists in the 1770’s not only endured harsh times and the collapse of life as they knew it…

…they were preparing for liberty and freedom!

Indeed, when I think about this concept, it encompasses so much more than just most people – even today’s survivalist – think of deeply enough.

The colonists defied the odds to fight for a future of freedom and to secure the blessings of liberty to themselves and their posterity.

They didn’t just think of whether they were going to live – they had the skills and intestinal fortitude to make that happen.

They also though of HOW they wanted to live – as free men and women.

And What About You? What About Now?

Maybe it’s too late to avoid a collapse of life as we know it.

Maybe we’ve done too much damage to our ecosystem to reverse the path… given too much power to corporations and banks… too much control to our circus of political parties who forgot what it was like to work together for a common good.

This isn’t “political”. This is individual.

As you look to your own family, your neighbors, your city, your state, and your country, do you see the spirit of liberty alive and well?

To be completely honest, I don’t.

I see too much “dependence” in a nation that celebrates “Independence”… and I believe our forefathers would be sickened by how we’ve evolved.

So I challenge you now to declare your own Independence from a system that’s made most people soft and squishy – both physically and mentally – and in danger getting sucked up into the mass of sheeple ill-prepared for a shift in life as we know it.

So gather your supplies… train with your weapon… learn to hunt… and plant your gardens…

But never forget that the skills you develop today go beyond just “surviving”…

You follow in the honorable footsteps of the patriots before you to ensure freedom and liberty for those you love long after any disaster or crisis changes the course of our lives.

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