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An Urgent Message About “Survival Food”

I wanted to tell you about this 2 weeks ago, but I was asked to “wait”…

I’ll tell you why in a minute, but you may have noticed that one of the “benefits” of the pandemic is that it’s FINALLY gotten people to wake up to the need to be more “self-reliant”, right?

“Preppers” have know this forever – but now nearly EVERYONE seems to be awake now, which is why people I know in our industry who supply things like “survival food” have been sold-out month after month.

(No, this isn’t an “ad” for survival food – but it’s just as important and no one seems to be aware of it…)

You see, people are paying a big price – physically and mentally – because of a “missing link” in their preps.

Mental sluggishness“bathroom problems”… trouble getting to, and staying asleepstress & anxietyweight gainmood swingslow energy

Sound familiar?

Well, people “think” it’s due to the stress of the pandemic and all the restrictions we’ve been under.

It’s not.

Our bodies are designed to deal with stress – even “life or death”.

I’ve seen the REAL cause of all these problems over and over again – as a “Master Fitness Instructor” in the military and as a Personal Fitness Coach after the military…

… and the solution is WAY simpler than you even realize and can have a dramatic impact on how you feel (and look) in a matter of DAYS, not years.

Just add these 4 things to your day now…

Micro-nutrients. Probiotics. Digestive Enzymes. Adaptogens.

That’s it.

Let me tell you “why” real quick (AND show you how easy it is to fix it all in one shot)…

First, “micro-nutrients” are the vitamins and minerals normally found in vegetables and fruits that acts like the nuts and bolts of your entire immune system, balances your hormones, and even helps you get to sleep faster and stay sleep.

Unfortunately, these micros are stripped out of most foods due to over-processing – even a lot of “survival foods” on the market.

Probiotics are the “good bacteria” you’re SUPPOSED to have in your gut to keep your digestive tract from giving you…um… gas and “issues” in the bathroom – but these get killed off by sugar in the diet (especially “fake” sugars like aspartame and other low-cal sweeteners).

Digestive enzymes are like “super processors” that make the nutrients in food (especially protein which is hard to break down) more available to for your body to use – rather than just send it all wasted down the toilet, undigested.

Adaptogens are unique and people are REALLY missing out…

They’re basically herbs that help your body react and recover from both short- and long-term physical and/or mental stress.

But research shows they ALSO boost your immunitycombat fatigue… enhance your mental performance… overcome depression and anxiety… and promote a general feeling of “happiness”.

They’ve been used for THOUSANDS of years and I first discovered their power when I was dealing with mental issues from my “combat PTSD”.

When you add all four of these things to your daily meal-planning, you’ll be AMAZED at what a difference it can make to your health – both physically AND mentally!

So now, why I had to wait 2 weeks to tell you this…

One of the benefits of being in this industry is getting to meet a bunch of suppliers and sample a lot of gear and goods.

(I’ll be honest… a lot of the stuff I get to try out really sucks! I don’t tell you about those things because I ONLY want you to know about stuff that I’ve personally checked out, use, and recommend – and this, my friend, is one of those times…)

I know the guys over at the “SelfRely” company out of Colorado and they have an “all-in-one superfood packet” that – in my opinion – should be in EVERY food pantry and survival food kit.

It’s literally like a “one stop shop” for everything I just told you about – but in a small packet of powder mix that makes it super easy – and it actually tastes good!

Plus, there’s no sugar, dairy, soy, or other allergens that can screw you up.

I’ve been using them for the last couple weeks (blended in a smoothie or just water or almond milk) and I’ve seen – and felt – a big difference.

Problem is, they’ve been sold out for a while now as their U.S.-based producer was struggling to keep up with the demand.

I was gonna let you know about the stuff, but the owner, Kriss, told me that they didn’t have any ready to ship for two more weeks.

Well… it’s been 2 weeks… and I’m letting you know that if you want to try these out for yourself, you should at least get their free sample packet NOW while they still have some in stock…

There’s no “automatic recurring fees” or any tricks like that.

I know these guys personally and they’re legit.

Besides, you and I both know how hard it is to “eat healthy” these days, right?

Well, this is like a “cheat code” for making everything we eat more nutritious so we can look and feel better.

More energy… sharper focus and memory… more, better quality sleep… and actually feeling “happier”?

No brainer. 🙂

It’s not often I say, “Just get this”… but, “just get this”…

You’ll be happy that you did!

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