WARNING: Is The U.S. Facing The Worst Avian Flu Pandemic Threat In History?

WARNING: Is The U.S. Facing The Worst Avian Flu Pandemic Threat In History?

Did you notice this about your turkey this Thanksgiving?

If you did the shopping, you discovered that prices jumped up this year – FAR beyond what they were last year.

Not because of “inflation”… but because of something far more threatening.

And it has me worried…

U.S. Faces Worst “Avian Flu” Pandemic Threat In History


This year, 2 new and particularly virulent forms of the avian flu virus destroyed millions upon millions of turkeys, chickens and eggs – more than any other time in history – and it’s a very bad sign of what’s to come.

Both Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa have declared “States Of Emergency” over the H5N2 strain of the flu and the World Health Organization (WHO) is growing more concerned.

You see, the common “flu” you and I are both familiar with is a highly-contagious virus called “H3N2” and has been around for years.

Over that time, we’ve all been exposed to it at some time and because of that, our bodies have (for the most part) developed the ability to fight it off.

“Pandemic flu” is different.

A pandemic outbreak occurs when a new strain of flu crops up suddenly and people have no time to build up an immunity to the virus.

When someone catches a pandemic flu, you’re living on hope and a prayer that you’re going to survive.

And while Avian Flu (often called the “bird flu”) isn’t as easily contagious among humans, that’s changing… rapidly!

In fact, last year there were 52 cases of human avian flu.

But THIS year there have already been 153 cases!

That’s almost a 300% jump in the infected – and the year’s not over yet!

This has been a clear indication that this strain of virus is mutating rapidly and neither our bodies nor our medicines are able to keep up with it.

The WHO has been warning us for years that we’re far overdue for “the next pandemic” and now we seem closer than ever.

Are YOU Prepared For The Next Pandemic?

If you’re not, now is the time to take this seriously my friend.

Even the Department of Homeland Security is warning us all to pay attention and prepare for our own survival.

In their official documents to the American public, they state that during a pandemic…

“The population may be directed to remain in their homes under self-quarantine for up to 90 days per wave of the outbreak to support social distancing practices.”

My #1 suggestion is to listen to DHS and make sure you’re prepared for 3 months of “self-quarantine”.

I highly recommend you start your supply here…

Since over HALF of those contracting “bird flu” die, you’ll need to avoid contact with others as much as possible and that means staying away from school, work, grocery stores, and even hospitals (if you can help it).

Be ready to shelter-in-place for at least up to 3 months without resupply and wait out the threat.

This ain’t no “Chicken Little” story folks.

Chicken Little died from the flu.

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