Martial Law: I Learned Everything I Need To Know From Pot Smokers

Martial Law: (Almost) Everything I Need To KnowI Learned From Pot-Smokers

They’re everywhere…  in the sky overhead… on the street corners… watching your every move.

It’s like they read your very thoughts…

No, they’re not space aliens; they’re soldiers – soldiers wearing the uniform and the flag of your very own country… and in a pandemic, disaster zone, or all-out collapse, overzealous peacekeepers could take be a hassle to you and your family.

They might even confiscate your weapons or other survival supplies during a period of “martial law.”

Your best survival advice for a collapse isn’t to scream out “Come And Take It” to the authorities on the street!

(They will.)

It’s to master the ability to avoid detection and interrogation in the first place.

And for that, there are some very knowledgeable experts you can turn to for advice…

What Pot-Smokers Know About Avoiding
Martial Law That You Don’t…

Cheech Evading Martial Law

With more isolated states and locales legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana, police in neighboring municipalities have become more aggressive in trying to catch folks crossing in and out of their territory to buy pot.

Those folks have learned a thing or two about how to deal with these roadblocks and stops – and here are a few of their most coveted strategies many have learned the hard way that you can use to avoid a martial law interrogation in a collapse:

Don’t Get “Guilty Eyes”

Police look for your eyes to give you away.

That’s one of the ways cops always seem to know when someone is lying.  

When you notice authorities and military scanning the area or at checkpoints, don’t avoid making eye contact… but don’t stare, either.

Just acknowledge their presence with a natural, casual glance and in your head (not out loud), say the words, “I’m glad you’re here”.  

This will subliminally be communicated in your facial expression (without you even trying) and send the subconscious signal that you’re not a threat.

Feign Lack Of Interest

If you’re around soldiers or law enforcement, break out your phone and appear to be having a friendly discussion with someone.


It will appear to the guard that you’re not worried at all, and people have a built-in programming not to interrupt others so this could subconsciously avert their attention to others.

Stop Your Blabbing

So you’re walking down the street with a baggie of weed in your pocket and a cop stops you to ask the standard questions – who are you… where are you coming from… where are you going… 

You think, “Shit! I’m totally screwed! But maybe if I’m really nice, he’ll let me go.” so you blab on like a polite choirboy under the delusion that you can charm your way out of a stop.

You know who volunteers too much information and answers every question with an elaborate story?

People who are lying, that’s who.

If you’re stopped, don’t be overly talkative.

Keep it relaxed and normal… or as close to normal as possible.

We don’t like to think that martial law is a possibility, but people living in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, or citizens in Boston during the Boston bombing investigation, quickly learned otherwise… as did almost ALL of us after the current pandemic hit.

You don’t want to get caught unprepared by the authorities during one of these times.

When we held a private survival strategy-sharing conference a few years back with nearly 5,000 preppers, martial law was one of the areas everyone thought needed to be covered.

The question is… are you as prepared to deal with law enforcement and military during a pandemic and/or after a collapse – when the rules of law and justice get blurred?

What Other Tips Do You Have For Dealing With Law Enforcement
And Military During Martial Law?

Please Share Your Advice Below…

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