Best Fire Starters For Survival: How 6 Bucks Saved This Guy's Life
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Best Fire Starters For Survival: How 6 Bucks Saved This Guy’s Life

Imagine that you’re alone in one of the most peaceful, remote places in the world…

…when you get lost in a blizzard.

That’s when you realize that your peaceful getaway could be a death sentence.

Because now that you’re lost in the middle of nowhere, there’s nobody to save you!

Well, that happened to a man in Tacoma, Washington.

And that’s why we’re about to find out…

How 6 Dollars Saved One Man’s Life During A Mountain Blizzard

Best Fire Starters For Survival
Best Fire Starters For Survival

It all happened just a few years ago, in 2012.

66-year-old Yong Chun Kim was snowshoeing on Mount Ranier in Washington, a popular place for hikers and other outdoorspeople.

He had cold weather gear.

He had his snowshoes.

He thought he was prepared.

But when a sudden blizzard moved in, Kim realized he was in BIG TROUBLE.

Yong Chun KimKim was separated from his hiking group before he got lost in white-out conditions.

For more than 2 days, he tried to walk out to safety… only to find out he was going in circles.

Finally, after falling twice and chipping a tooth during one of the falls, he decided to seek shelter in a snow cave.

There, he knew he had only one chance to stay alive.

He needed a fire!

Fingers trembling, Kim had to pray the old lighter he was carrying would work.

It almost didn’t… but finally, he got it to light, and he burned the only thing he had – the 6 dollars in his wallet!

Eventually, he burned his extra socks, some bandages from his first aid kit, a Nylon scarf, and even a toothbrush, all just trying to stay alive.

Fortunately, it worked.

Kim was finally found by rescuers… and the only reason he lived through the blizzard was because he was able to start a fire to warm his snow cave.

And let me tell you, the thought of not being able to start a fire when you need one gives me the willies.

That’s why every single one of us should be carrying a means to make fire as part of our EDC… but while Kim had the bare minimum, you can do better.

Good: Disposable Lighter

A disposable lighter is better than nothing, and will often work on the first try.

The problem is, a lot of disposable lighters on the market are fragile.

I’ve never had any trouble from a Bic lighter, but there are a LOT of other butane lighters that crack, lose their fluid, or even rust until they won’t light.

Not only that, but some disposable lighters have weak, puny flames, even when you crank them all the way up.

Better: “Oil Lighter”

A good naptha-fueled lighter like a Zippo will produce a much more powerful flame.

They’re a lot more resistant to wind than a disposable lighter, too.

The big problem with Zippos and other “oil lighters,” though, is that the fluid in them evaporates.

You can fill a Zippo on Monday and need to refill it by Sunday… even if you didn’t use it.

One “hack” for carrying a Zippo for survival is to seal the seam between the top and the lighter with electrical tape.

(This helps slow the evaporation of the fluid.)

But if you don’t want to do that, you could always get…

Best: Waterproof “Capsule” Lighter

A “capsule lighter” is the best of both worlds.

It uses the same lighter fluid that a Zippo does, but it’s designed to completely seal with an O-ring.

You fill it and then screw the top on, which really slows down evaporation of the lighter fluid.

Plus, these are usually super small, and many come with a keychain attachment that makes them very convenient to carry around.

You can put one in all your EDC gear, keep one in a drawer, and even carry one in your pocket.

It won’t leak fluid and irritate your skin like a regular Zippo might, and it’s super affordable.

(That means you can buy a bunch of them for the cost of just one Zippo.)

Capsule Survival Lighter
Capsule Survival Lighter

The last time I picked up a capsule lighter, I actually got it just for the cost of shipping from this supplier.

You can even buy a few in bulk, which is what I did for my bugout bags and EDC gear.

No matter what lighter you choose, though, make sure it’s reliable…

…And make sure you have it with you, wherever you go.

You never know when it just might save your life.

(Even if you don’t have “money to burn.”)

What Lighter Do You Carry?

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