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The Best Power Options To Survive A “Grid-Down Blackout”

If you ask me, one of the most overlooked threats we face as a country is a wide-scale, extended grid-down blackout.

Even the Pentagon and NASA have agreed that a long-term blackout would wipe out up to 90% of our country’s population within the first year, and trigger a future collapse.

The American public is relatively clueless about the potential effects of an extended blackout.

There are so many of our day-to-day conveniences and services we take for granted that could be gone in an instant.

And when the power goes out, it’s a lot more serious than just missing the next episode of Game Of Thrones

Here’s Why Power Is So Critical To Your Survival (And What To Do About It)…

Blackout Survival Tips

Look, having power isn’t just about life’s little conveniences.

It’s literally about “survival”.

Without electricity, not only will the services we rely on for our very lives – like food supply, water treatment, even hospitals and police protection – be shut down, but…

… without rule of law, desperate citizens will turn on each other.

Even in short-term blackouts we’ve seen locals turn toward violence, looting, and anarchy when they feel that there’s no accountability for their actions.

Will YOU be prepared when the lights go out for a day?  Weeks?  How about months?

I know that while everyone thinks that they’ll just live off of their garden and roasting squirrels over the campfire, the reality is far from this scenario.

If you’re a senior – or will be taking care of an elderly parent – does someone rely on a medical device of some type?

Will you be able to keep food (especially caught game) refrigerated to avoid food poisoning?

If the weather is extreme, will you be able to heat or cool an area of your home to get through it?

These are just a few of the ways others will suffer without power.

Elderly citizens won’t live without their health needs taken care of… starvation and disease will run rampant in cities and towns… and people will be huddled around fire bins like the homeless during winter… or die of heat exhaustion and dehydration in the summer.

This is one of the reasons that I think having a source of back-up power is a vital factor in your survival planning.

With a back-up energy source, like a generator, you can power things like computers, cell phones, radios, lights, a water well, a refrigerator, and medical devices.

The most likely resource would be a gas generator from your local Home Depot or Lowes.

This is the cheapest way to go, but it’s also the most dangerous.

Not only is it noisy and could draw unwanted “visitors” who will think you have supplies they could use (which you do), but they can give off carbon monoxide that can poison your home.

Plus, you never know when gas is no longer going to be available (or affordable) in a collapse.

A better way is to use a propane generator, which is a little more expensive, but propane can be stored indefinitely, unlike gas or diesel.

But again… it still relies on you continuing to provide propane to keep it going – and once you’re done with the tanks you have on hand, I doubt there will be any resupply stations in operation, so you’re probably screwed.

The best option is to use a solar-powered generator.

These are slightly more expensive than other options, but they’re by far the most reliable for long-term use because the only thing they require for “fuel” is the sun.

Plus, they’re silent so you can easily keep your “life of luxury” completely covert from those around you.

And if you do find you have to leave, these units are so small, they fold right up and can go inside your vehicle to be taken with you to your “plan b” safe-house away from the chaos.

I own one of these solar units and it’s one of the best pieces of survival gear I’ve ever owned for my home.

Here’s the generator I bought for my family…

The only other thing I recommend is that you pre-plan a section of your home you’ll use as your “palace” and get some cheap blackout curtains to hide any light at night so the zombies can’t see you and the family watching DVD’s and eating popcorn while they’re out prowling for scraps.

Just be sure to put your “blackout survival plans” into place NOW before an event happens.

When the lights go out, you won’t be able to get to your ATM machine, or even use your credit card, to buy any type of generator – if they’re even available.

Make a plan… and take action.

What Other Preparations Are Critical For Planning For An Extended Grid-Down Blackout Survival Scenario?

Please Share Your Blackout Survival Tips Below Now…

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