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MCS Podcast 24: Survival Gear Tactics With Jeff Anderson

Making sure you have the best survival gear to prepare for any disaster, crisis or attack means a hell of a lot more than just packing a bugout bag and an AR-15.

In fact, there are 7 specific factors you absolutely MUST account for to be fully prepared.

In this special broadcast, MCS Mag Editor, Jeff Anderson, shares his personal views on how to properly “layer” your survival gear for maximum effectiveness.

Survival Gear To Prep For Any Crisis, Disaster Or Attack

Best Survival Gear

Here’s what you’ll discover in this week’s broadcast:

  • The absolute most critical category of survival gear that trumps all other preps hands down! (Hint: It may be the only gear you ever get to use!)
  • Bugout bag secrets! What the “experts” don’t know because they’ve never actually had to live out of a bag in a hot zone.
  • The “Tactical Murse” – why women aren’t the only ones who need to carry around an extra bag for their gizmos.
  • Why you must think “outside the home” when preparing for disaster. (This is where most survivalists get lost!)
  • Personal defense weapons! How to protect yourself and those you love when the world goes to doo-doo.

Get your notebook ready!

This episode is loaded with ready-to-use survival gear tactics!

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