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The Best Survival Water Filter Plan To Avoid Dying As A “SHTF Refugee”. . .

It’s really sad to see, isn’t it?

You know those television commercials asking you to give money for kids living in African garbage dumps and drinking out of slimy watering holes?

Many people in poorer countries don’t even have the basic necessities to stay healthy.

In fact, the World Health Organization has reported 20 percent of the world population has no safe access to water and more than 5 million people die each year from contaminated drinking water.

And while you and I can just go to the kitchen sink and get instant access to clean, drinkable water, all that could change in an instant in a disaster or collapse and…

Here’s How To Avoid Dying As A “SHTF Refugee”

Best Survival Water Filters For Urban Survival

Everyone’s #1 most critical need to survive any disaster is going to be to gain access to clean water, right?

And when the faucet’s stop working or becomes brown and undrinkable from contamination, that’s going to force everyone around you to eventually seek out alternative water sources.

Most people are going to drink from streams, ponds, rivers and lakes – especially if they’re forced to evacuate to other locations.

This will be their downfall, I promise you.

While those “wild” water sources may look crystal clear, they hide tiny “death critters” that will eat away at the survivors until they waste away to nothing.

Giardia Lamblia – This is a common parasite found in streams and unfiltered water supplies that causes what is commonly known as “beaver fever” and wreak havoc on your intestines.

Cryptosporidium – This is a microorganism that burrows into the intestines and is transmitted to others. As you suffer from 1-2 weeks of watery diarrhea and complete exhaustion – death from severe dehydration is a serious possibility.

E. Coli – This bacteria live in the intestines and some strains cause severe, bloody diarrhea and abdominal cramps, along with organ damage (including kidney failure). And you don’t even have to drink it as it can be in your food or even eating utensils that have come in contact with contaminated water or other source.

Ok, so answer this seriously…

What’s your current plan to survive if the water coming out of your faucet suddenly stopped or instantly became brown and undrinkable?

A stockpile of water bottles will only get you so far so…

Here’s Are 2 Items You Need To Provide You With Your SHTF Survival Water Supply…

As I always say, your secret to getting water while everyone around you is dying of thirst or sick from intestinal bacteria is to “manufacture” your water – not rely on stored water.

1. If you’re lucky enough to “survive in place” at home, my favorite source of water supply is the Israeli military method of making water out of thin air.

(Here’s a video with plans on how to build one yourself…)

2. If you’re forced to bug-out though, you’re going to need a water filter that you can use along the way to your “Plan B” safety retreat or a safer location.

Knowing that there’s a ton of “nasties” in the water you’ll come across, you need a filter that will keep them out of your gut.

I use an in-line water filter but having a LifeStraw makes this a simple, cheap option anyone can use.

You can get one for each member of your family, pretty cheaply here…

The bottom line is that you can’t count on your current water supply and you can’t count on just storing away some water bottles for a disaster.

Everyone around you will be thirsty… dehydrated… sick… and suffering.

We’ve seen this in many disasters, even here in the U.S. (remember, about 50% of the Katrina deaths were due to water, including contamination diseases).

Take care of your families needs now and mark this off your survival checklist as “done”.

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