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MCS 229 – The CIA Bug-Out Bag: A Look At What’s Inside…


You’ve probably figured this out by now…

… I’m a “bugout bag junkie”!

There’s a reason that the bugout bag serves as the core pillar of any serious survivalist’s emergency plan

It contains all the supplies you’ll need to face a short-term crisis, whether you’re surviving in place or evacuating to a safer location.

And one of my favorite research tasks is to find out what other survival trainers are doing with their bugout bags based on their own personal backgrounds and experience.

That’s why, for this week’s podcast episode, I called up my friend (and former CIA “spy”) Jason Hanson to get a peek into what he packs in his own bag.

Bugout Bags Tips From The CIA

Jason Hanson Bugout Bag
What’s In Jason Hanson’s Bug-Out Bag?

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • Key components to look for when picking out the perfect bugout bag!
  • What types of “survival food” you should consider packing in your bag for short- and longer-term nourishment!
  • A secret trick to pull clean, drinkable water out of a 1/4″ mud puddle!
  • Escape & evasion! Gadgets and gizmos to avoid society’s predators when the “rule of law” has gone bye-bye!
  • “Bugout weapons”! What Jason carries to protect his wife and kids during a disaster or crisis!

It’s very rare we get a glimpse into the training of one of the government’s most secretive agencies. Compare your own bugout survival gear list with Jason Hanson’s and fine-tune your plan now!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

How Does YOUR Bugout Bag Compare With Jason Hanson’s?

Please Share What Gear You Would Add (Or Remove) In The Comments Below Now…

  • William CrislerJr says:

    I just got my switch blades(2) from you today , I like em

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