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MCS 141: Bugging Out On Foot – Prepping Your Feet (Military Story 5 Of 6)

It was a standard response I’d hear from my soldiers…

Walking up and down the line during a long road-march, I’d ask my team, “How you holding up Private?”

Their reply?

“My dogs are barkin’ Sergeant!”

I knew how they felt.

Walking 7, 10, 15-miles (or longer!) with a 40-75 lb. backpack on your back has a way of shredding your feet like you’d stuck them in a blender.

But your mission must go on… and I learned the hard way how to make sure we reached our objective – even when your feet are screaming for you to “STOP!”.

The 5 secrets I share in this week’s podcast will get you to your destination safely if ever faced with a worst-case bug-out scenario where it’s only your (Leather Personnel Carriers) to get you there…

Are Your Feet Ready To Bugout?

Military Bug Out Survival Tips

Here’s what you’ll discover in this week’s episode…

  • Your 2 worst “enemies” in your bug-out trek that could stop you in your tracks if you don’t follow these tips!
  • The simple “girly” solution that creates a virtual force-field around your feet while on the move!
  • Why “full steam ahead” will actually STOP your movement… and how to pace yourself the right way to reach your objective in survival shape!
  • How to bathe your feet in sweet relief when they’re feeling like they can’t go on!
  • The “2 M’s” that will allow you to push on even when things are at their worst! (Take notes on this step-by-step tutorial that will literally save you from stopping and giving up!)

These are secrets that are often learned only the hard way!

Fortunately, you can learn from MY mistakes so you’ll be an “instant expert” in bug-out survival health.

Resources Mentioned In The Show:

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