Bugout Bag Contents | 4 Survival Gear Items I Like For My BOB

[pic] 4 Things I Like About This Reader’s Bug-Out Bag…

I love it when our readers send us pictures to show that they’re taking our advice about how to build a bugout bag to face any disaster or “collapse”.

This one came in from Tim B. from Shelbyville, IN..

Specifically, there were 4 things that stood out for me as tips you could use yourself with your own bug-out bag…

Bugout Bag Contents

1. Paracord Belt

Every survivalists LOVES 550 “paracord”, right?

In the Army, I always kept a big bundle of it in my bag for everything from setting up my hooch (shelter) to building an improvised “antennae” for communications.

But it was always a pain in the arse to fumble through all my gear to pull out a tangled mess of paracord to fight with getting un-knotted.

Having a braided paracord belt (inside!) your bugout bag makes it super easy to store and pull apart as needed.

2. Cosmetic Case

This is one of my coolest tips I often share…

You know all those little gadgets & supplies you need (like zip-ties, sewing kit, medical stuff, bartering items, etc.)?

Rather than letting all the smaller items roam loosely around your pack, store them in individual compartments of a travel cosmetic case.

3. Independent Bug-Out Bags

A lot of survivalists only build out their own bug-out bag thinking it’s enough to take care of their entire family.

Some gear will be sharable (like shelter, fire-starter, medical supplies, etc.) but it’s unrealistic to think you’re going to carry supplies for everyone – especially all their food and water.

Tim shows his bug-out bag gear next to his spouse’s and he’s spot on.

Every member of your “team” should pack their own bug-out gear, no matter how small.

4. Survival Gear “Layers”

Notice how Tim has a “road flare” as part of his gear?

A flare like this can be used for signaling, marking, (or even starting a fire) and, while it’s not something I have in my bug-out bag, it’s a great addition to a vehicle kit.

Either way, it shows he’s thinking “beyond the bag”.

Actually, this last one is what I consider to be “THE” most critical part of your survival plan…

Your bug-out bag is only 1 component of the 7 critical survival gear “layers” you must plan for.

And not only do you need to prepare for all 7, but you must also be able to transition from one to the other in an instant – depending on the survival scenario you’re presented with.

For me, this is what truly separates the “wannabe” from the SURVIVOR and if you’re not set up this way, you’re putting your life at risk (and those you protect).

Easily corrected if you know how.

What Other Items Do You See In This Reader’s Bugout Bag Picture That You Like?

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