The TRUTH About "Get Home Bags" In Your Survival Gear Plan

The TRUTH About “Get Home Bags” In Your Survival Gear Plan

It’s a life or death decision… and most people are choosing death!

Look, I’m as much of a “gear junkie” as anyone…

But you have to be smart about your gear – and being smart with your gear begins with being smart about your bag!

Most “preppers” out there (even those who would call themselves “experts”) don’t consider how their bag serves their gear and their survival plan…

… and that goes DOUBLE for what many call the “get home bag”.

The bags that support your survival plan aren’t fashion accessories… they’re tools... and like any other tool you need to take a lot of care in choosing the right one.

And unfortunately… way too many people are relying upon regurgitated talking points and received wisdom that’s totally wrong… and can get you killed!

The TRUTH About “Get Home Bags” In Your Survival Plan

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • What’s all wrong about the “get home bag” frame!
  • The ONLY place you should keep your bugout bag!
  • The one big problem that makes most backpacks more of a death trap than a “get home bag!”
  • The “craziest” tactical gunfight feature you should expect from ANY bag that can save your life!
  • And much, MUCH more!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Kind Of “Get Home Bag” Do You Own? What “Unusual” Items Do You Have Inside It?

Share Your Observations In The Comments Below…

  • Steven Sadusky says:

    Thank you Jeff for the eye opening session regarding bug out bagsand how simple you make it with common sense approach. I’ve been thinking this all wrong and now I’m going to re-evaluate my Bob’s. I also like your modular Bob’s including, the sling bag. I will definitely be looking at making the purchase . Thank you Jeff!

  • Diane Hendrickson says:

    So informational . Things I had not thought of. I really like the covert areas for the gun a Is it possible to get these bags and other goodies?

  • Henry M Niedzwiecki says:

    Great as usual! Now how about what you actually carry. And how about a REPEAT of what you carry in the Bug out Bag…

  • Scott Ellisen says:

    Thanks for your information Jeff. I had ordered 3 of your bags for myself, wife and sister. Now I have to load them and get them in our vehicles

  • Just got in the 5 five bags I purchased from you. Beautiful! I’ve carried a bag in the car for over 20 years. These new modular bags are totally exciting. Can’t wait to pack them up!

  • Lloyd Chandler says:

    In Hawaiian the word Holoholo means “going for walk, car ride or even sailing.” I created a Holoholo Bag for when my wife & I go to the Swap Meet or the park & even to the beach. The contents helps us to deal with weather, temperature changes & other inconveniences . We’ll keep things like small binoculars, multi-tool & a small first aid kit. It suits our needs. However, I’ve purchased a large enough (“Goldilocks size”) Sling that carries most of my EDC items & together they complete my needs. Your idea of ditching the Get-Home Bag & replacing it the Go Bag is a great idea & something that I’ve also thought about. That’s the “gear junkie” that’s in all of us. Btw, I purchased 3 of the bug out bags that you sold. It was a good investment.

  • Jerry . Purcell, Sr. says:

    Were your bags navy blue or dull black ❓

  • I’m an avid backpacker. When on backpacking trips, my backpack full weighs far less than the vast majority of preppers’ bugout or get-home bags. Plus, I am typically better equipped for cold temperatures. However, I typically spend more money on gear for better warmth-to-weight ratios, and weather protection to weight ratios.

    Most peppers have bags that they never even used fully once. Every pepper needs to go on a few backpacking trips with their BOB and get home bags.

    Most peppers are in insufficient shape to cover much distance on foot with their bag. Every prepper needs to train.

  • i just got a nam fanny pack,filtration bottle, a few other things. poncho, high quality hiking boots, etc.. Only got 18 mi. from work to home. when traveling, i add some other stuff. plus a map, compass, etc.. i`ll get by.

  • Agreed. Nice job. Keep up good works.

  • I have your bag! It holds a lot. Including 15 days of food, precut wood for small fire stand for small pot. Collapsible bowls and sporks.

  • Where can I purchase the EDC bag you show in this video? I have your BOB and would like to incorporate the EDC. Thanks!

  • Marti Watt says:

    OK, cool! I got the email to purchase the STRAC EDC bag – thank you! Can we also get the FAK bag that goes along with the XBOB? I really love this system and am grateful you have made these available!

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