(Video) Easy Solutions To SHTF Freakouts (Stress Relief For WROL)

(Video) Easy Solutions To SHTF Freakouts

When I was in the military, there were lots of “sucky” times.

You had to find lots of little ways to bring your spirits up – ways that would help you maintain your composure so you could make good decisions under stress…

…instead of “freaking out” and making the wrong choices.

The same stress will affect YOU in any SHTF scenario.

You’ll need to be able to make good decisions… and to do that, you have to know how to relieve stress while in one of these “freak out” scenarios.

My easy tips for reducing stress in SHTF are all in today’s episode of Warrior Life TV:


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I’m super curious to know how YOU relieve stress, especially during really difficult times… so leave a comment on the video, okay?

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